Letter To: ‘The Successful’ (“Letter To” Series #4)

Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss./Ms. Successful,

Congratulations to you and your accomplishments. No matter how big or how small the dream- evidently you were able to cut the mustard, took a calculated chance and managed to come out on top. The rest of us are happy and for some there may even be a little bit of envy.

Whatever it was you made ‘yours‘- I would like to hope it didn’t come at a high price of someone else’s efforts and existence. If it did, I hope it is 100% positive and will pay itself forward through your continued actions. Now you know I had to go there. You know it’s in my best interest to keep you dignified and to keep it ‘real’ with everyone who may read this also. I hope did not sell even a tiny part of your soul and I certainly hope you didn’t manage to ‘sell-out’ for whatever success you achieved.

A lot of people bust their you-know-what’s to make it in this world and if you did, you of all people should know how important it is to stay grounded. It’s important to know how many others may have sacrificed their happiness (or their life) just so you can be where you are. I don’t care if you were just successful at finding a good parking spot- you have to realize someone had to actually leave it so it could be available to you.

Some people will be successful at simply surviving another day or maintaining their sanity- that’s important too. Y’all should definitely read my other “Letter-to’s” I’ve probably already given you your props. I’ll suffice it to say once again- you’re still here for a reason. Look at the news and see the other countless lives that were given up on just this day- not to mention who went yesterday or who’ll go tomorrow. You’re alive enough to be reading this (I humbly thank you). That makes you eligible to be considered a success.

I hope you never forget where you came from. You can safely bet the next 10 minutes of air you breathe that I won’t forget my beginnings either.

Courtesy of Google images

Courtesy of Google images


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