2015 Zombie Pub Crawl

Some of you zombie aficionados may already be well aware of this event. In the U.S there are several cities that participate in this with growing numbers every year. In Minneapolis is where this particular event originated- although there may have been a similar one going on elsewhere. This year it’ll happen on the same weekend as usual- October 17th.

For the ZPC- what started out in 2005 as small gathering of 100-150 of Halloween-time festivities and bar hopping for those who love all things related to the zombie apocalypse has grown to record setting attendance, concerts in multiple venues, hotel specials, and mass public transportation dedicated solely to keeping everything organized, peaceful and worthy of planning it again for the next year.

October is many months away but I received an email last week to inform me that tickets are now on sale. They are at their cheapest prices and will increase after a while. I don’t want to rush the summer months but once they’ve concluded- this is an event to look forward to. If you don’t live in the metro area but love to party like a zombie (or a survivor) – it’s definitely worth the trip!

A quick check on Google reported this year they’ll also go on in Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Denver. The dates will be different though.

You can check out this event here.

Follow the ZPC effort on Twitter here.



I’m a modern gal by all means. Funniest/cutest bit of the day was when I texted my boyfriend, we’re going back and forth, we’re getting into deep discussion and I tell him the only time I’d abstain from sex is when we’re about to get married: ‘no worries- ‘I’d only make you wait in the month before we get married.’ 

Longest pause between texts I’d seen in quite awhile.

A few minutes later (I assume only after a perfect answer was formulated, “Oh okay, I could do it then!” 

Men are cute aren’t they? Kudos to any man willing to wait to come up with just the right answer. And that’s how relationships last: consideration. 

Doing What You Love


Courtesy of Google Images.

Courtesy of Google Images.

While reading through random news I found out that extreme sportsman and BASE jumper Dean Potter and one of his companions died while performing a jump in Yosemite National Park (perhaps they fell by accident?). Right now there is some speculation because it was not filmed or publicized and rather carried out in secret because they did not want the park rangers to see them. It is illegal to BASE jump in a national park.

Last year I saw his documentary and I couldn’t help but think, ‘this man is going to die doing this stuff.’ It’s eerie to see someone’s mortality in something they enjoy doing so much. On that level it’s not much different than someone dying of a drug overdose. For Potter, BASE jumping and other activities that could result in death, provided such an exhilarating but self-important purpose. He knew of the consequences. I believe he knew his cause of death wasn’t going to be from old age.

I see a tiny lesson from this. It’s beyond the lesson of resisting the urge to jump from mountaintops- which you couldn’t get me to do if it came with a million dollars, a million parachutes, and a million pillows at my landing site. From Potter I see the once-living example of a certain amount of audacity; what it takes to do what matters to you in your life. Sometimes there is great risk in attempting something. If it makes you a better person- go for it. I believe even with Potter’s shortened lifespan he was more fulfilled, more satisfied than a person who gets to 99 by just doing the ordinary and mundane.

Potter’s luck may have ran out and there will certainly be someone else to take his place. For most of us the same thing will happen (in perhaps a less devastating fashion), however- we will still be replaced by someone else who’s willing if we don’t follow our passion and life goals.

Got it.

Courtesy of Google Images.

Courtesy of Google Images.

How I’d Become a Zombie

Photo courtesy of Google images.

Photo courtesy of Google images.


I’m all about surviving something (everything, actually) but I was just sitting here out of boredom and giving some thought about how things could go wrong for me (not a character, but… my own self) in the event of your typical apocalyptic zombie outbreak.

Think Shaun of the Dead meets Night of the Living Dead (1968) meets The Last Man on Earth (sans the pools designated for human poop and trash).

Initially, I’d probably be running around yelling everyone “I TOLD YOU THIS COULD HAPPEN!” admiring my own fortune telling skills until I nearly got chewed up, had to get smart and figure out that wasn’t so safe to do. Bragging is not an attractive trait in the zombie apocalypse, or is it? Time for a dose of humility.

Initially, I’d probably try to board up my house, hunker down in the city and even form alliances with neighbors or friends. Who am I kidding? I don’t know most of my neighbors and one neighbor I can’t stand in particular. I’d probably let them get eaten alive in the beginning cause I knew they wouldn’t be prepared for it. That’s the karmic return you can expect when you repeatedly let your dog use your neighbor’s yard as a doggie dooley. The apocalypse is cold.

In all honesty I’d probably end up becoming a zombie because I’d be in the middle of helping someone or get bit while doing something miniscule like reaching in a closet to turn on a light- like what might happen in the movies… Ah, to try and prevent something like that from happening. This would be my goal…

How do think you’d fare in the zombie apocalypse? Let me know?

Photo courtesy of Google images

Photo courtesy of Google images

Has it Been a Year Already?


Apparently I’ve been on WordPress for one year now. I’m glad they kept track. I love this place and although I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like to- this is still cause for a tiny celebration. I imagine they would’ve notified me of this regardless to whether I’ve only made several posts or have completed over 100, the later being the case. As a blogger, I try really hard not to blog unless I have something worthy, funny or inspiring to say. Too often I see posts about ‘nothing much going on’ and personally that drives me a little crazy. I cannot get those moments back.

Some people blog for the sake of blogging itself. Me, on the other hand, I have put in nearly many an hour of overtime at work, have a full life at home, am trying to still qualify as a writer- by actually acting out the verb of ‘writing’ as we know it and am also trying to develop my budding relationship with the boyfriend- who has been very patient with me as we spend precious hours together here and there. I am grateful because I gain new perspective all the time being very busy. I’ve learned that there are a lot of people who are very busy.

We should create a club- except no one would have time for it.

Everything needs tending to, always, in order to make it worthwhile. Lots of stuff has been going on in the news- things that I have plenty of opinion on but know they are receiving the due attention regardless of the stance. My publisher tells me that Affliction is on the front burner for publication so it is that of which I hold on most dearly to. That moment when I add salesperson to my resume. I promise I won’t burden you with pitches- but indeed you will know the moments leading up to its availability to the public and goings-on thereafter. I worked very hard to create something that even I would want to read. Currently I’m working on the sequel now. 70% done.

Currently it’s a little chilly here in Minneapolis. I hope it’s a little warmer wherever you are. The sun is out though and my intent is to catch some rays is my priority before the rain moves in for pretty much all of next week. Feel free to shout-out and let me know where you are and whether you’ll fare better or worse over the next few days. Really, I care. 🙂