2015 Zombie Pub Crawl

Some of you zombie aficionados may already be well aware of this event. In the U.S there are several cities that participate in this with growing numbers every year. In Minneapolis is where this particular event originated- although there may have been a similar one going on elsewhere. This year it’ll happen on the same weekend as usual- October 17th.

For the ZPC- what started out in 2005 as small gathering of 100-150 of Halloween-time festivities and bar hopping for those who love all things related to the zombie apocalypse has grown to record setting attendance, concerts in multiple venues, hotel specials, and mass public transportation dedicated solely to keeping everything organized, peaceful and worthy of planning it again for the next year.

October is many months away but I received an email last week to inform me that tickets are now on sale. They are at their cheapest prices and will increase after a while. I don’t want to rush the summer months but once they’ve concluded- this is an event to look forward to. If you don’t live in the metro area but love to party like a zombie (or a survivor) – it’s definitely worth the trip!

A quick check on Google reported this year they’ll also go on in Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Denver. The dates will be different though.

You can check out this event here.

Follow the ZPC effort on Twitter here.


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