Summer Reading


Does anyone have any suggestions for a few good reads so that in what feels like a million years when I have the free time, I’ll have something to do. While I was watching OITNB I heard one of the characters mention a book called Freakonomics (from Season 3, episode 1- Mother’s Day). It sounds pretty good but I haven’t really been inspired to read much else. There are a couple of books on my Kindle I have to read yet- but this summer (or in a million years when I have the time) I want to hold a physical book in my hands. Got any favorites?


I Have to Believe


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A heartbreaking and heartwarming moment I had to experience today even while going through my own stress. Pets. Today, my own beloved canine-son Oliver had to undergo surgery to remove a pesky cyst that had been aspirated and drained multiple times over the last few months- instead returning, only to grow larger in size within a matter of weeks. It was only fluid and therefore not cancerous or tumorous in nature. Just pesky.

My own Oliver who will be 12 next month, I vow to take care of him until forever as far as I’m concerned- has only minor issues regarding arthritis, cataracts and his kidneys- There’s slight evidence of both but the vet who’s probably human equivalent in Oliver’s age said he’d trade for Oliver’s issues in a heartbeat. The vet (Dr. Baker) is a colon-rectal cancer survivor.

I was anxious awaiting news for the completion of Oliver’s surgery because at first they re-did the blood work and his kidney levels were elevated  since last check. The vet asked me if I still wanted the surgery as it was riskier for him to go through anesthesia. Of course I asked if she was still comfortable to proceed and she said she would do every she could to make sure Oliver was safe. I know that means a lot and I also understand the risks. I told her it would be either now or never because I know the trickiness it takes to try to lower a dog’s kidney level. I didn’t want to waste anymore time. I didn’t want to wait any longer for him to be cut on. Simple as that.

Fast forward, post surgery. All is well for Oliver.

I’m headed to pick Oliver up to bring him home when in the parking lot I see a man and his daughter struggling to bring their dog who I found out is named Annie, a twelve year-old of what I’d guess to be some sort of collie-shepherd mix (or something close to it). She was a spry, alert lady- but her health was failing. Her owners told me she had arthritis, cancer and congestive heart failure. Her legs were swollen and she could not walk except for a few haphazardly steps. They were bringing her in to put her down.

I was drawn to this dog and her last minutes here with life. I couldn’t keep my hands off of this little lady who’d done her best to be loyal and faithful to her companions but alas, time always wins. It’s a blessing but also such a cruel thing. I said multiple prayers for Annie as I pet her head and gave a good ole fashioned belly rub for a few minutes. I was in tears by the time I stood up to take care of the business regarding my own four-legged son. All life is precious to me, save the mosquito and germy housefly. They could eradicate those two and I wouldn’t shed a tear. Annie seemed like a great canine friend and her 12 years were definitely significant to her owners, especially on one of the worst days they had to endure.

I have to believe there is some place beyond here where there is some sort of (meta) physical interaction for us and our loved ones- no matter the form they had here physically. I never want to think nor be in the mindset that a great relationship ends the moment that organism ceases to function. I have to believe that the souls and unique interactions can continue on at another time and in a another space conducive to those elements of which the soul and its livelihood can exist.

To me it’s not a God thing- I would never exclude another belief system to whom others have been loyal. It seems wisest that no soul ever knows until that time- what they are capable of until afterwards. In the canine/feline world I wish it to be true.

This post is for all the loyal Annie’s and everyone else crossing over both today and before.

iPhone Brilliance (Blah)

The most famous voice of the cell phone. Photo courtesy of Google images.

The most famous voice of the cell phone. Photo courtesy of Google images.


You might guess from my blog entries that I’m no techie. Most things related to the newest of technology usually holds my attention for less than a minute. While most nerds (and I mean that in the nicest of ways) can tell you most everything about a gadget they own- I’m content with only knowing about what I need and gradually asking ancient questions to learn along the way (and thus appearing less intelligent). When I was younger I was much better at knowing more of the workings of any gadget I owned. After owning 8 or more phones over the years, I’m not as eager to learn everything about them.

While trying to burn off some time this afternoon I stumbled across an article about 13 things a user can do with their iPhone using Siri. Really there’s only about 10 things I saw (the rest were repeats), one or two of them being really neat and otherwise a good way to lose 20 minutes. If you’re ever wanting to know how many planes are flying over you at the moment- you might want to check this out.

For now, I’m still content with all of the other gazillion things my phone can do. The way I see it, if one were stuck on an island and had an endless battery cycle, if they had an internet connection, I wouldn’t call that being stranded at all. I’d call it a vacation.

Courtesy of Google images.

Courtesy of Google images.

Friday Blogging


I’m not as alone in my feelings this time. This time I’ve been out in the public and after standing in long lines and smiling just because, I’m grateful to be within the four walls called ‘home’.

I finally declared myself a vacation day from the busy hospital work and have worn myself out with the multiple tasks that come with days off. At least the responsible folks’ kind of tasks. There’s laundry, light housekeeping and grocery shopping- you know, the unpaid work that’s necessary for one’s survival.

The week has been infectiously consumed with news from all over the place and I’ll briefly (though I’ve never) give my 10 word take on the big ones. Here you go:

Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner: He’s not the first, so why is this so relevant?

St. Paul Diocese Being charged With Child Endangerment: Duh. Catholic children have always been in danger.

Beau Biden Death/Funeral: My head absolutely aches (brain aneurysm survivor, here) from the family’s grieving. RIP Beau.

Kimye Pregnancy: Happy for them. I pray for Hollywood’s children, always.

There are countless other stories that can be discussed. Naturally, I’m an optimist who pulling for every good thing in every good individual- even if they’re not aware. I feel a little dose of the pop culture is necessary though not necessarily in need of dissection. We have to find the good in life, always. With the weekend here- I hope you can find the brightest spot and live there for at least the next 2 days. 🙂

They made the headlines. I suggest you make your own headline in a positive fashion. Wishing you a Happy Saturday.

Great Zombie Blogs

These guys want some of you to survive. Photo courtesy of Google images.

These guys want some of you to survive. Photo courtesy of Google images.


While at work today, my curiosity about other blogs about zombies finally reminded me when I get home to take a look at what others who love the genre may have to offer. I love good blogs and am not afraid to tell others about them. My own blog has a great deal of zombie related content and I love to connect with others who also possess the passion for the fanfare, the literature (creation or reading of it) and the cinematic enjoyment.

It’s not an awards ceremony (unlike the Liebster and others that can be found floating around on here)- it’s just my own attempt to help others find sites they may be interested in- as well as my part in telling the blogger to keep up the good work.

Photo courtesy of Google images

Photo courtesy of Google images

This are not in any sort of order of importance.

#1- The Zombie Blog

This blog is ran by a young fellow from the Netherlands. James is only 21 or 22 but his site contains a generous amount of literature related to the topic of ZA survival. He warns you of all the traditional stuff and I’m hoping to find a section about making homemade weapons out of things that might be readily available because we all know that bullets and other ammo eventually run out (hint, hint James).  He also has different sections related to the fanfare of the genre. I say check it out- it’s definitely worth the read. Here’s the link to his blog. This site is perfect.


This site isn’t a blog specifically but for those interested in science fiction including ZA novels- this is a quick place to get a suggestion for your next ZA read. Lots of people I know who are into ZA movies also appreciate a good read. This site gives great suggestions- thus preventing a great deal of time searching for a book (when you can be reading the next great book instead). I never get tired of apocalyptic stories- do you? Check them out here. I’m confident there’s a book on this list you haven’t read but will enjoy.

#3 Zombie Book Blog

This is a pretty good site as well. It also carries a great deal of content for movie reviews. I was reminded of the movie Fido which I’d seen years ago but was totally impressed with the storyline. I recommend seeing that movie as well. Maybe you can tell me if you agree or not that zombies would make good companions. The site is ran by a few passionate for the zombie genre. You can check out their site and suggestions here.

I know there are at least a dozen other sites that are decent and are well-kept- that is, they have been active in the last month or so. Often, nothing can be more disappointing than coming across a site that has not been contributed to since 2012 (As if the events in the movie ‘2012actually happened).  C’mon guys!

These are the few that I’ve come up with for now. I’ll definitely keep this open to addition as I stroll through the different ZA sites and see what they have to offer. If you know of a site that is recommendable, feel free to let me know. Your input is appreciated!

Photo courtesy of Google images.

Photo courtesy of Google images.