Great Zombie Blogs

These guys want some of you to survive. Photo courtesy of Google images.

These guys want some of you to survive. Photo courtesy of Google images.


While at work today, my curiosity about other blogs about zombies finally reminded me when I get home to take a look at what others who love the genre may have to offer. I love good blogs and am not afraid to tell others about them. My own blog has a great deal of zombie related content and I love to connect with others who also possess the passion for the fanfare, the literature (creation or reading of it) and the cinematic enjoyment.

It’s not an awards ceremony (unlike the Liebster and others that can be found floating around on here)- it’s just my own attempt to help others find sites they may be interested in- as well as my part in telling the blogger to keep up the good work.

Photo courtesy of Google images

Photo courtesy of Google images

This are not in any sort of order of importance.

#1- The Zombie Blog

This blog is ran by a young fellow from the Netherlands. James is only 21 or 22 but his site contains a generous amount of literature related to the topic of ZA survival. He warns you of all the traditional stuff and I’m hoping to find a section about making homemade weapons out of things that might be readily available because we all know that bullets and other ammo eventually run out (hint, hint James).  He also has different sections related to the fanfare of the genre. I say check it out- it’s definitely worth the read. Here’s the link to his blog. This site is perfect.


This site isn’t a blog specifically but for those interested in science fiction including ZA novels- this is a quick place to get a suggestion for your next ZA read. Lots of people I know who are into ZA movies also appreciate a good read. This site gives great suggestions- thus preventing a great deal of time searching for a book (when you can be reading the next great book instead). I never get tired of apocalyptic stories- do you? Check them out here. I’m confident there’s a book on this list you haven’t read but will enjoy.

#3 Zombie Book Blog

This is a pretty good site as well. It also carries a great deal of content for movie reviews. I was reminded of the movie Fido which I’d seen years ago but was totally impressed with the storyline. I recommend seeing that movie as well. Maybe you can tell me if you agree or not that zombies would make good companions. The site is ran by a few passionate for the zombie genre. You can check out their site and suggestions here.

I know there are at least a dozen other sites that are decent and are well-kept- that is, they have been active in the last month or so. Often, nothing can be more disappointing than coming across a site that has not been contributed to since 2012 (As if the events in the movie ‘2012actually happened).  C’mon guys!

These are the few that I’ve come up with for now. I’ll definitely keep this open to addition as I stroll through the different ZA sites and see what they have to offer. If you know of a site that is recommendable, feel free to let me know. Your input is appreciated!

Photo courtesy of Google images.

Photo courtesy of Google images.


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