Summer Reading


Does anyone have any suggestions for a few good reads so that in what feels like a million years when I have the free time, I’ll have something to do. While I was watching OITNB I heard one of the characters mention a book called Freakonomics (from Season 3, episode 1- Mother’s Day). It sounds pretty good but I haven’t really been inspired to read much else. There are a couple of books on my Kindle I have to read yet- but this summer (or in a million years when I have the time) I want to hold a physical book in my hands. Got any favorites?


13 responses to “Summer Reading

  1. I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by maya angelou,
    The perks of being a wallflower,
    the great gatsby,
    anything at all by Hemmingway
    The colour purple
    Alice in wonderland
    We were liars,
    (these are just a few of my favourites, hope you find something you like ^_^ )

    • Double like! I have a few of these in my collection and have enjoyed them in summers past. I will definitely add The Perks- to my list along with We Were Liars… Thank you 🙂

  2. Reading books like a maniac is a sort of an addiction and an enthusiast keeps dozens of books by his bed side. Books based on real stories are my choice one of them being ‘Worst women of the 20th century’ by Bernard O’donnel.

  3. I just started reading Watching the English–a funny and very readable English anthropologist’s study of the hidden rules of Englishness. I’m an American living in Britain and blogging about it, so the topic’s close to my life right now, but my guess is just about anybody would be drawn in.

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