People Will Believe What They Will

Ever met a few of these? Image courtesy of Google.

Ever met a few of these? Image courtesy of Google.


A quick re-hash of a lesson probably all of us encounter at some point within our internet lives. For me, the internet is still a blessing. Never in all my years of existence have I been able to access so much both important and irrelevant information. It comes in handy when I need to find scholarly and creditworthy information regarding various topics. I can even slam- dunk someone in a debate about the difference between perfume, musk and cologne. Yes, those are the kind of conversations I’ve had with some people.

Then, there’s the more seedy side of the internet which allows you to connect with buttheads the Universe would’ve otherwise been kind enough to not have you cross paths with- ever. Now, thanks to the flattening of the globe- it has allowed people who live under rocks to have an equal opportunity to spew the nonsense they were once forced to keep to themselves, and die off with….

Now they have a microphone that can reach farther, unto to the tiniest, most unpopulated parts of the planet- provided they have Wi-fi capabilities.

Not even for their own good.  Image courtesy of Google.

Not even for their own good. Image courtesy of Google.

Like the title of this post says, I have come to accept this; people will believe what they want. After so much exposure to the internet, I’m convinced that some people, to their own detriment, will not allow their brains to acquire new information! Even when proverbially 10 people are pointing for someone to run out of a room that is lit with fire- someone, due to their own ignorance they’ll be sure they should stay in that room and burn to death.

Maybe Darwin isn’t as effective anymore because there are warning labels everywhere- replacing and stunting the growth of common sense. Maybe, just maybe that’s the case.

This is just my minor observation for the day. Perhaps you feel that way too… 🙂

Image courtesy of Google.
Image courtesy of Google.

5 responses to “People Will Believe What They Will

  1. Really cool dog picture. I’m sometimes get obnoxious remarks on my fb page from ignorant people who don’t know what the hell they are talking about. If it’s my personal page I unfriend them. But I got my first really ugly one on my blog last week. What an unhappy person he must be . Fortunately we can just trash them. BTW my other blog is My mom came up with that name one day when we were passing a laundramat. It’s where I can post about other stuff. Also if you didn’t notice I write music On Jamie’s blog, tap the menu button and go to the pages. Near the bottom is a link with all the music found on different posts.

    • I know what you mean. I’ve only had one negative experience where a guy was writing a blog about his experiences recently dating women, I commented, pretty much agreeing with his statements and then his wife (I know…) jumped in and started getting defensive. It was definitely a weird moment. I had to tell her to re-read what I said and secondly question why her husband was blogging about dating other women… Needless to say I hit the ‘unfollow’ button and carried on. Weird.

      I’ll definitely check out your other blog and look forward to reading your posts and hope you can avoid any more unfriendly encounters. Have a good weekend 🙂

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