Is WordPress dead to me?


Certainly not, to answer that question! I haven’t posted in a few days and it almost feels like I’ve fallen away from my life here. I can’t wait to spend more of my days reading through your blogs and writing my own. I’ve been busy dealing with some things- mainly reading through Affliction one last time before I send it to my Publisher for printing. Soon guys, soon. I’ve been changing over my banners and cover pages on other social media sites so that I’m in full advertising mode. I’m really excited- it’s a dream that’s finally coming true and I cannot wait to share it with you!

This is the season of the zombie.  

I just realized that there is no zombie emojicon on my phone. Who do I talk to about adding that? 

Enjoy your weekend. 😉 


5 responses to “Is WordPress dead to me?

  1. Exciting news for you and congratulations for following your dream! It seems to me the ‘regular posts’ can wait in the face of making your book happen. I for one await further developments and again, congratulations on your already lofty achievement!

    • Thanks K’lee – love that name btw (: I agree but one can’t help but feel they’re being neglectful. Blogging gives me something to look forward to- as well as a book release!

      • Thanks, Dottie! I hope you know YOUR name feels very much like the name of an accomplished author! It’ll happen so keep going! I feel like you with the blogging. It’s a good balance to my other writings and I’ll always love the interactions with others.

  2. I am a zombie addict. I just love zombies. Good luck to you. Although luck has absolutely nothing to do with it. It is hard to blog ( I have 2) and work on my book and edit and do all the sm stuff and answer msgs and email and encourage others and do laundry when you’re out of clean underwear and stop to cook and phone my mom and forget paying bills cause it’s such a bore and pick up all the hair I’ve ripped out of my head! I need a good zombie book to read so then I can pretend to eat people.

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