Books at the Dollar Store? Yes! 

Image courtesy of Google

Image courtesy of Google


FYI, if you haven’t gone to one specifically for book shopping, I suggest you do so. Not all Dollar stores carry books I’d imagine but I’ve found most all of the different chain stores do in my area. I wouldn’t go there expecting to find this week’s best seller (maybe last year’s), nevertheless it’s a great place to find a good read. In the U.S. if you go to Dollar Tree you won’t see a huge selection but perhaps from the 50 or so titles they’ll have, you can bet you’ll find at least one or two, at a cost of a buck each, plus tax. On my last visit a few days ago, I found three. I had to narrow it down to three because I’d allotted myself five bucks to spend and needed sponges and pencil pouch.

When looking for good books, don’t count the Dollar store out. Heck, not even Amazon or Barnes & Noble can compete with those prices. Happy Shopping!


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