Copyrights: Why Do We Have to Go There?

Image courtesy of Google.

Image courtesy of Google.


In the past few days I’ve seen a few postings here on WordPress and on other sites about the significance of creative theft/copyright infringement. The sheer number of instances I’ve heard of people having this issue bothers me. I don’t want to believe there are people out there waiting to take someone else’s work and use it as their own. Today I came across a post from Opinionated Man (I’m sure you’ve heard of him) and a subsequent comment and link from another WP member (Ally Bally) on the topic and what you can do to protect yourself.

I know as members and bloggers our work is somewhat considered copyright protected here on WordPress. I say ‘somewhat’ because like everything- there are loopholes and when it comes down to it; someone looking to commit literary theft is going to do so. Oftentimes, the burden is heavy on the accuser to prove it. I’ve heard of people I know having articles and recipes stolen and published by someone else without hesitation. Where is the decency?

I’ll provide the link to the article here. It’ll take less than a few minutes to read but it’s worth it. I’d like to thank Ally Bally for taking the time to explain this.

Here’s to hoping everyone grows a creative (and moral) backbone.

Seriously? Image courtesy of Google.

Seriously? Image courtesy of Google.


7 responses to “Copyrights: Why Do We Have to Go There?

  1. Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:
    It is one of those “forever” battles we all deal with. Thanks for the support and mention! I am glad you shared Ally’s link! 🙂 -OM
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  2. It never ceases to amaze me that people feel that they can take or use other people’s stuff. And by that, I mean intellectual property as well as pictures, etc. And yes, it also strikes me as being a bit “off” that the onus is on the creator to prove that it’s his/hers. I’ve actually resorted to legal action around a course that I was involved in designing. I now “brand” and claim everything that goes into the public domain, one way or another. I look forward to reading Ally’s post. Thanks to you and OM for sharing.

  3. I make sure I write my anything in Word Perfect first with a copyright notification and then post it on Word Press or other blogs. I make sure I have back up copies of anything really important to me to remain “mine”. As you say the burden of proof is often on the person the material is stolen from and I intend to be sure that I can prove what’s mine is mine.

  4. It’s a sad situation with a helpless feeling attached. Not only the written word but original visual art as well, is taken frequently. One WP artist fought back by posting the thief’s blog name.

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