For the Love of Horror

Image courtesy of Google.

Image courtesy of Google.


As much as I love summer and am a true fan of the genre, I feel nothing hosts the livelihood of all things horror-related in the arts and entertainment world like the Fall season does. I’m already digging through my DVD collection to find the scarier and more haunting films versus the comedies and action/adventure films I’d usually choose for viewing.

My ultimate pick to start the season off (though I admit, I’m still loving summer) is Dawn of the Dead (1978). It’s the only movie I’ve watched 30 times and view it each time like it’s my first. Being the author of my own zombie novel titled Affliction, my first go-to is anything zombie. Yes, I’m a fan of The Walking Dead!

Other horror films I’m fond of as well. The numerous remakes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre along with my favorite non-zombie movie- Insidious are movies I prefer to watch in the daytime because they scare me like nothing else. I blame the surround sound. I call that entertainment!

So here’s my official blessing to usher in the season of horror- may your TV’s and books keep you entertained and the subsequent nightmares be interesting! Are there any horror movies you’d recommend? Please let me know!

Image courtesy of Google.

More of these guys and gals please! Image courtesy of Google.


2 responses to “For the Love of Horror

  1. Excellent choice of movie. I am currently running a poll to see which zombie film I should watch and review next. Dawn of the Dead is one of the choices, it’s one of my favorites as well. Have you seen Night of the Living Dead (1968)?

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