Satisfied (or Not)

Image courtesy of Google Images.

Courtesy of Google Images.


I’m sitting here trying to be as productive as possible with my self-allotted social media time. I’m doing my best to read through my Facebook, Twitter and WordPress feeds to get a sense of how my friends in the writing/blogging world are doing. I tried to read through the local news but I couldn’t get past the murder-suicide that left two adults and three children dead. I said a quick prayer and closed out that screen. At the time, there was too much speculation and it was too depressing for me…

Life is precious.

Courtesy of Google Images.

Courtesy of Google Images.

I got to reading about what was going on elsewhere and like the title of the post suggests; I’m wondering if humans are built to ever truly be satisfied? Not as in hunger or sex, both of which are primal and short-lived anyway- but generally in every other aspect. Thanks to things like Facebook, we all hear about people being pleased with what may be going in their lives currently and especially with different achievements- but there is always something else attached to them that suggests they’re aiming for better/higher/more. My little side theory is that the folks that post the most about their ‘satisfactions’ are the ones who are truly the most un-satisfied, but anyways- that’s for another post…

What do you think? Is satisfaction ever possible or shall we petition to have the word banned from use in the English/Spanish/Arabic/French/Farsi/German language?

Courtesy of Google Images.

Courtesy of Google Images.


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