Forgetting What You Want to Blog About

Courtesy of Google images.

Courtesy of Google images.


Have you ever had three or four things you mean to get to WordPress to blog about but as soon as you have the time and sit down to blog, you’ve forgotten what it was? That’s me right now. Yesterday and particularly today, 12 hours ago from the current time I wrote this- I had so many things I wanted to get to my laptop and discuss with everyone but at the time I was preparing to go to the job and had no time to blog. “I’ll remember what it was, no problem,” is what I say to myself with confidence- which sometimes is actually true. The good news is I’ll think of the topics again sooner or later- it’ll probably result in my waking up in the middle of the night but at least then, I’ll write it down and go on to blog about it as soon as I can.

Here’s to all of our memory capacity remaining at it’s fullest.

Photo courtesy of Google images.

I’ve posted this photo often- as a personal reminder. Photo courtesy of Google images.


9 responses to “Forgetting What You Want to Blog About

  1. I find I have to take notes because I know I won’t remember later. Whether it’s a blog post, a plot twist, a character insight, an exciting scene or a cool one-liner, I write it down at once or risk losing it.

    • Exactly. For stories, I also jot things down. It seems the ‘condition’ has spread to other areas. Soon I’ll have to write down where I put the stuff I wrote down, lol.
      My grandmother has always said aging ain’t for sissies.

    • Definitely am going to have to go there! I’ve been using my phone’s ‘notes’ section too. The only issue with that is remembering to check there, lol. Post it notes seems the easiest. 🙂

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