Taking a Stance





Generally I think it’s a great idea to invest your time and energies into entities where you’ll be able to grow and fashion yourself into becoming more knowledgeable, more professional, more- better at your endeavors.

Sometimes you have to say screw it, as I have, and thus step out on your own to see what ‘blessings’ you may earn on your own.

This relates to almost anything.

For me right now- this equates to publishing, particularly my own woes. It’s taken longer than expected to produce my work- through no fault of my own. I thought, no, I believed- with feverish excitement at times that the path I was on would lead to my goals of seeing my work produced in physical, tangible form. I’ve learned that sometimes a path is really just an entrance ramp. From there you can see a view of where you’re trying to go and the actual path to the opportunity to complete your goals lies just ahead.

Sometimes, that entrance ramp has a toll booth in which a cost is involved. For me right now, that cost was time. I’ve spent more than two years on that entrance ramp. It’s not been without waste though. Surely the ‘traffic’ was interesting. I’ve developed and learned a lot about my abilities and I’ve grown to take charge and trust my instinct thus, I’ve prepared myself for the actual road ahead which I can see is quicker, smoother and I’ll get to control the wheel from now on.

I’m not here to rant about what was done wrong to me. I’m here at the recovery phase to encourage anyone else who feels stuck at any point in their lives to figure out where you can take the controls and steer yourself with your own good wisdom. I’ll admit, I almost felt defeated. Then I remembered myself from years ago when I nearly died and I made a promise to stay resilient and never let any individual or entity rob me of my desire to thrive.

More to come on this later, folks.

In the meantime, Happy Halloween!


Not Taking a Stance

Image courtesy of Google.

Image courtesy of Google.






How about lukewarm? Or nothing at all? There are an infinite amount of comparisons and truthfully I’m just fed up with always seemingly having to align myself with something. Particularly, so I can be judged or ranked for some reason or another. How about being set free from all that? It’s not at all that I want to stop caring about things, but what I’m finding is that there are too many things that need ‘caring’ for, which are ultimately out of my hands. Football games, elections, contests- they’re all good at getting your attention diverted from the more important things going on in your life (that coincidently they don’t even know exist). It’s all energy draining and it detracts from one’s quality of life. If you like that kind of excitement (and eventual disappointment)- fine, have at it. You’ll have plenty of things to get riled up about.

As I’ve heaped over more than half of the decade in my 30’s, I’m again finding that things are either important or not important and thus if they fit into the latter, should require much less energy and time than what they may demand. Not taking a stance on certain things does not mean I no longer care about (seemingly) larger issues- it just means I’m reeling in the lasso and starting to take a fuller interest in the things that are most important to me. After going through unexpected, major health issues in my mid-20s I was already given the gift of clarity but again, nearly ten years later, I’m feeling the need to tighten things up a little more. I encourage this kind of housekeeping within your own life as well. Think about it, you know too there are simple ways to de-clutter your mind, emotions and time.

Living our lives to be happy.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Photo courtesy of Google images.

Photo courtesy of Google images.

I almost feel the need to break out my Eastern philosophy books but then again I’m already well aware of what they will say.


Typing in the word 'coffee' in Google search will get you 1.08 billion results. Photo courtesy of Google images.

Typing in the word ‘coffee’ in Google search will get you 1.08 billion results. Photo courtesy of Google images.


I hate Sundays only because of Monday… Anyway…

It was Saturday morning when I became inspired about the above title. It was approximately 0715 and I was fresh from an 18-hour shift at the hospital I work for. I had surpassed the ‘tired’ mark at 0300 but now had my second wind and figured I’d stop at Byerlys, a local grocery store/deli and bring some breakfast home before I get the best sleep ever. It’s a quick drive, about three miles down a parkway, perhaps I’d even spot a deer or two… Hopefully they’d be in the grass and not trying to share the road with me.

Once I arrived, I saw there were a few cars parked. The air was chilly, my car’s thermometer read 43 degrees. There was also the strong scent in the air of something that I paid no attention to until I went inside the store. Byerlys also has a Big Bowl restaurant, a sushi deli, a hot foods deli (that was what I came for), cheese shop, bakery and a Caribou Coffee shop that had as many people in line waiting for coffee as there was in the entire rest of the building- employees included.

I walked over there to see if perhaps they weren’t giving it away for free. Nope. Just the usual $3-6 dollars for every item on the menu along with the growing line of patrons willing to pay for it. I turn around just in time to see 4 more chatty, middle-aged women in a group walk with energetic strides to get in line. What is so fascinating about coffee consumption? I ask only because coffee drinkers may be the most dedicated group of people alongside smokers and consumers of alcoholic beverages. I know many people belong to most if not all of those groups.

Some of my friends claim they can’t live without it. I see just as many memes on social media about the love for coffee as I see memes about exes and moms multi-tasking with children. When our department got a new manager last year, the first two things he bought for us was a microwave and a coffee maker. While I’m definitely not a morning person- eventually, I do wake up and join the rest of the world. Can people really be that bad off if they don’t consume it?

I quickly dish up my weighable items, feeling lonely at first because I’m the only one who seems to be thinking about French toast and sausage instead of this highly sought after beverage. I take a deep breath and take note of the mix of scents in the air as the smell of coffee saturates everything- even beating the steam from the savory bacon and turkey links back into their perspective pans.

Now I’m thinking about coffee, even though I don’t drink it.

I pay for my items and turn around to head back toward the door nearest to where I parked. The line at Caribou is now a few people less but there’s still more than 10 people waiting, ready to get their fix. I get to my car where I observe a few others walk inside the store. Guess where they went?

Some people do this everyday. Courtesy of Google images.

Some people do this everyday. Courtesy of Google images.

The Golden Rule… A Lost Trait?


Do unto others….

Do unto others….

We all know what the rest of the phrase is, but nowadays few seem to remember it as the world goes about its daily activities. Some seem to avoid it on purpose while others have forgotten this because they have become consumed in this world that’s often a rat race. Competitive instant gratification is our world’s new and permanent address where only winners are acknowledged and catapulted to the front of the line. Most times, no one wants to back down. No one wants to be perceived as a ‘loser’. We don’t want to lose to the people we know and we certainly don’t want to lose to a complete stranger. Captains of our own industries…

I can’t help but think of the improved condition of the world if everyone put forth this old principle and lived by it every day.

Do unto others….

Do unto others….