Not Taking a Stance

Image courtesy of Google.

Image courtesy of Google.






How about lukewarm? Or nothing at all? There are an infinite amount of comparisons and truthfully I’m just fed up with always seemingly having to align myself with something. Particularly, so I can be judged or ranked for some reason or another. How about being set free from all that? It’s not at all that I want to stop caring about things, but what I’m finding is that there are too many things that need ‘caring’ for, which are ultimately out of my hands. Football games, elections, contests- they’re all good at getting your attention diverted from the more important things going on in your life (that coincidently they don’t even know exist). It’s all energy draining and it detracts from one’s quality of life. If you like that kind of excitement (and eventual disappointment)- fine, have at it. You’ll have plenty of things to get riled up about.

As I’ve heaped over more than half of the decade in my 30’s, I’m again finding that things are either important or not important and thus if they fit into the latter, should require much less energy and time than what they may demand. Not taking a stance on certain things does not mean I no longer care about (seemingly) larger issues- it just means I’m reeling in the lasso and starting to take a fuller interest in the things that are most important to me. After going through unexpected, major health issues in my mid-20s I was already given the gift of clarity but again, nearly ten years later, I’m feeling the need to tighten things up a little more. I encourage this kind of housekeeping within your own life as well. Think about it, you know too there are simple ways to de-clutter your mind, emotions and time.

Living our lives to be happy.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Photo courtesy of Google images.

Photo courtesy of Google images.

I almost feel the need to break out my Eastern philosophy books but then again I’m already well aware of what they will say.


2 responses to “Not Taking a Stance

  1. I am so fed up with both sides of the aisle in American politics. I think that’s why outsiders like Trump and Carson are surging in the polls. We are all simply OVER our politicians.

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