1st Day of 2016


I hope you all are settling in nicely in 2016. I’m so glad you made it. Sure, we all have resolutions somewhere but today is a day where most of us jog or slide into home base like we’re playing the proverbial baseball game of life. Another year, you all. I’m sure we all personally know at least one person that was unable to make it. I say, let’s live a little for them this year.

What would you like to do this year? I’m always interested in the plans everyone makes. I love hearing throughout the days when someone tells me they’ve planned something months ago perhaps when it was out of season and finally the time comes, while they’re maintaining everything else- the one thing they’ve waited for is finally on the horizon. There’s nothing like it.

Traveling more, reading more, calling people on the phone more, sending letters, visiting family/friends more, donating to charity, volunteering, becoming a non-smoker, taking more walks, going to church or connecting with your spirituality, minding your temper/swearing less, committing more random acts of kindness, hanging out with younger relatives because their parents could use a break, mentoring the young, saving money, etc… those are all things that require little to no effort if your mind is truly focused on it. If any of these things are in your mind to complete for 2016, I bid you my sincerest wishes to overwhelmingly succeed in those habits as soon as possible.

Tomorrow is always a new day. Get started.

I too, am working on new things- not because it’s the New Year but because I’m hoping they will come to fruition this year- thus they required a little more than a resolution-type approach in order to get them done.  I’ll tell you that this year I do plan to be bolder, hold my tongue a little less- especially if I have a solution. In order to take control of my own life and happiness it requires it.

Happy New Year.