Travel Whoopty-doo’s


I’m reflecting upon my current and past efforts now as I align myself for a return trip home… 

Why is it that airlines like Southwest would love nothing but high-praise for their service when you can get nothing better than a “B” boarding group after you meticulously put effort into a check in? 

Anyone who’s flown Southwest Airlines will know exactly what I’m referring to. You may have done nothing at all to claim a spot to line up on one of their many birds but if you’re like me and want less to do with eye-balling a last minute seat as they’re telling you to hurry up… like me, you’ve probably set an alarm and logged on and been there with your confirmation number and full name already filled out with your finger on the submit button while eye-balling the clock on your computer as it chimes into the official 24 hour pre-flight status so you can hopefully not have to do battle with finding that last open seat and then you click and get…. 

a “B”…