What a Beautiful World…

Until I watch any news/media source…


It’s been awhile but a busy life has a way of moving things around. I have a favorite song of mine in mind (hint: IGY) so I’ll go ahead and leave it here for your listening pleasure. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do every time I hear it ūüôā

I hope you haven’t forgotten about me- I’ve missed you all, really. I’ll have some exciting news about the re-release of Affliction here shortly as I work to get things in order. I’m really impressed with the process and will be blogging all about it- especially as I work to release the sequel in 2017. Being an Indie author is absolutely empowering! If you’re willing to put the work/effort in- there are no limitations except the ones you place on yourself. That pretty much goes with anything.

If you haven’t signed up to get on my email list already, I highly recommend it because I’ll be focusing most of my energy toward communications/ giveaways about Affliction through that method of media- plus my emails will be both few and to the point. I’m thinking t-shirts, books, mugs are a good starting point, what do you think?




Why I Hate Vacation.

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Okay, so I didn’t go anywhere tropical. It was tropical enough in Minnesota with the temperatures and heat indexes both in the 90s. Image courtesy of Google.


There’s nothing really to hate about vacation, really. Who doesn’t enjoy not living by the clock, being available for spontaneity, kicking back and seeing the world when you’d normally be at work?

I usually don’t hate it at all except…..

I’m with you, enjoying about 90% of the time off that we’re talking about. I usually have a great time and reach out to people I know I wouldn’t otherwise- because I work odd hours and don’t call people as often as I should or would. Aside from being social, I’ve truly enjoyed pretending to be unemployed without the income issues of actually being unemployed these last five days but tonight, my vacation sucks. Why?

Because I’ll have to go back to work tomorrow. Which means back to solving problems I didn’t create and people I’m only being paid to deal with- otherwise I’d never cross paths with them. I know they truly would rather be at home as well so there’s no hard feelings. Life.

You know the feeling….

Time to rest up and get ready.

Already looking forward to the next opportunity to be on an extended break.

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Admit it, you’ve been there too… Image courtesy of Google.


Back in the Swing of Things


Do you think he hit it? Or was it a strike? Hmmm…(courtesy of Google images)


I know it’s been awhile. A little over six months to be exact. I took a small (okay, semi annual in length) break from my blogging activities to hunker down and deal with some things- a storm of events both good and bad. I missed this favorite activity of mine. Trust me, I need to do some serious catching up with what’s been going on in your lives because life does go on and I depend on other bloggers’ perspective about many things. Writers are the best bunch of people.

My beloved pup, Oliver, of twelve and a half years passed away after a lengthy decline in kidney function and hemangiosarcoma (tumor of the spleen) that had evidence it spread to his liver. I’ll have to write more on this later but I’ll suffice to say for now- dealing with this was one of the more painful moments of my life (five weeks, actually). I lost a member of my pack and as you may or may not know, long standing habits take a very long time to adjust away from. He is sorely missed.

I also made the decision to become an independent author in December 2015 and cut my ties fully in January. If there are any other of you authors on the fence about going independent- let me tell you, YOU CAN DO IT. I was with a publisher who pretty much jacked me around for a few years and then basically half-assed a book release. Um yeah, I deserve better. Trust me I’ll be writing more about this in hopes of giving other authors in a similar situation the inspiration and resources they need to continue on their journey to authorship. Fortunately, we live in a post-traditional publishing world (yey!) and there are plenty of ways to get your work out there. Let me reiterate the last part of that statement:

There are plenty of legitimate companies that will help you produce, publish and market your quality work and make it available to the public for purchase and enjoyment.

So on an author note: my novel Affliction will be re-released this Fall in time for the zombie lovers to enjoy it. Affliction is a wonderful story and I dare not ever let any person discourage my writing passion and goals of having it along with the subsequent stories available to the public.

Folks, never let anyone stand in the way of what your God-given talents are. You’ll probably find that you’re in a somewhat miserable state until you’re doing what you’re truly supposed to. That is factual.

That is my theme for 2016 and pretty much the rest of my life.

So with this re-dedication of mine, of sorts, I’m here to raise my hand to say that I’m still present among you and hope that you all have been well. If that isn’t the case I hope that you are doing better. Life is a journey, not a destination. <— don’t quote me on that, I’ve always heard that statement and I want pass it along to you.

Stay tuned.¬† ūüôā

Feel free to check in by commenting below- let me know how you’ve been. I’ll be poking around a few pages, getting back in touch with you too.


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Typing in the word 'coffee' in Google search will get you 1.08 billion results. Photo courtesy of Google images.

Typing in the word ‘coffee’ in Google search will get you 1.08 billion results. Photo courtesy of Google images.


I hate Sundays only because of Monday… Anyway…

It was Saturday morning when I became inspired about the above title. It was approximately¬†0715 and I was fresh from an 18-hour shift at the hospital I work for. I had surpassed the ‘tired’ mark at 0300 but now had my second wind and figured I’d¬†stop at Byerlys, a local grocery store/deli¬†and bring some breakfast home before I get the best sleep ever.¬†It’s a quick drive, about three miles down a parkway, perhaps I’d even¬†spot a deer or two… Hopefully they’d be in the grass and not trying to share the road with me.

Once I arrived, I saw there¬†were¬†a few cars parked. The air was chilly,¬†my car’s thermometer read¬†43 degrees. There was also the strong scent in the air of something that I paid no attention to until I went inside¬†the store.¬†Byerlys also has a Big Bowl restaurant, a sushi deli,¬†a hot foods¬†deli (that was what I came for),¬†cheese shop, bakery and a Caribou Coffee shop¬†that had¬†as many people in line waiting for coffee as there was in the entire rest of¬†the building- employees included.

I¬†walked¬†over there to¬†see if perhaps they weren’t giving it¬†away for free. Nope. Just the usual $3-6¬†dollars for every item on the menu along with the growing¬†line of patrons willing to pay for it. I turn around just in time to see 4 more chatty,¬†middle-aged women in a¬†group walk¬†with energetic strides¬†to get in line. What is so fascinating about coffee consumption? I ask only because coffee drinkers may be the most dedicated group of people alongside smokers and consumers of alcoholic beverages. I know many people belong to most if not all of those groups.

Some of my friends claim they can’t live without it. I see just as many memes on social media about the love for coffee as I¬†see memes about exes and moms multi-tasking with children. When¬†our department got a new manager last year, the first two things he bought for¬†us was a microwave and a coffee maker.¬†While I’m definitely not a morning person- eventually, I do wake up and join the rest of the world. Can people really be that bad off if they don’t consume it?

I¬†quickly¬†dish up¬†my weighable items, feeling lonely at first because I’m the only one who seems to be thinking about French toast and sausage instead¬†of this highly sought after beverage.¬†I take a deep breath and take note of the mix of scents in the air as¬†the smell of coffee saturates everything- even beating the steam from the savory bacon and turkey links back into their perspective pans.

Now I’m thinking about coffee, even though I don’t drink it.

I pay¬†for my items and turn around to head back toward the door nearest to¬†where I parked. The line at Caribou is now a few people less but there’s still more than 10 people waiting, ready to get their fix.¬†I get to my car where I observe¬†a few others walk inside the store. Guess where they went?

Some people do this everyday. Courtesy of Google images.

Some people do this everyday. Courtesy of Google images.

Forgetting What You Want to Blog About

Courtesy of Google images.

Courtesy of Google images.


Have you ever had¬†three or¬†four things you mean to get to WordPress¬†to blog about but as soon as you have the time and sit down to blog, you’ve forgotten what it was? That’s me right now. Yesterday and particularly today, 12 hours ago from the current time I wrote this- I had so many things I wanted to get to my laptop and discuss with everyone but at the time I was preparing to go to the job and had no time to blog. “I’ll remember what it was, no problem,” is what I say to myself with confidence- which sometimes is actually¬†true. The good news is I’ll think of the topics¬†again sooner or later- it’ll probably result in my waking up in the middle of the night but at least then,¬†I’ll write¬†it down and go on to blog about it as soon as I can.

Here’s to all of our memory capacity remaining at it’s fullest.

Photo courtesy of Google images.

I’ve posted this photo often- as a personal reminder. Photo courtesy of Google images.

Dying to Write


I just realized that right now we’re more than halfway through September already.

I hate when that happens.

It’s out of our hands, the flowing of time. The only thing we can do is enjoy it while we have it. Some choose to enjoy it while others choose to wish it passes through quickly. Time will be time.

As time relates to me, I specifically am wishing I could just write with whatever I have left in my day. I feel like it’s a privilege whenever I’m able and allowed to just focus on that task. I can’t tell you how often I’m¬†somewhere and I think of something neat for a short story or a longer story and can’t indulge because something else requires my attention. I then, am able to just jot notes down and hope that the quality can carry itself¬†until I’m able to focus on it- the idea,¬†in its entirety.

I’m¬†the only one able to make a name for myself. I’ll always bring my true self to the table whenever its time…

Just give me the time.


Ever Felt Dumb and Motivated at the Same Time?

This cutie pie probably got more done in an hour than I did, ha! Image courtesy of Google images.

This cutie pie probably got more done in an hour than I did, ha! Image courtesy of Google images.


If so, you can join the club. I’m not only the president, I’m also a member….

I was so ready to blog when I got home from work this evening. Yes, I was going to log on and tear the page up with some more happenings and commentary but I got distracted. See, I’ve never been extremely fond of any of the WP themes I’ve had. Once I was settled in, I logged on¬†and in my feed was a blog¬†that offered some advice about adding widgets for creating links on your sidebar (>>>>a very useful tool for authors such as myself- see my widget off to the side? It’s because of Ana! <<<<).

This post, while helpful- reminded me of my distaste for my current theme. I wanted to find a better theme before I pat myself on the back after successfully adding this feature.

Before I went about following this excellent advice, I wasted close to an hour scrolling through the different themes to try and see how¬†well they match up with my material. This ending up making me feel dumber than ever. Note: this feeling occurs whenever my brain¬†separates from my will and fires off a thousand questions (like it just did about the different themes- you know,¬†those¬†‘I wonder if’ questions) that I cannot answer because my techie language/skills are¬†probably just below those of¬†a modern day¬†1st grader.

These kids are smart nowadays. I should probably go and consult one of them..

Anyways, so now that I’ve completely blown my allotted blog time for the evening,¬†I’m feeling¬†inspired and motivated to return to it at my earliest convenience because I was actually able complete the whole widget suggestion thing (thanks again, Ana!) and thus not suffering a total defeat.

You may also notice if you visit here frequently that I did manage to change my blog theme…. to the exact same one I’ve had previously….

Photo courtesy of Google images.

Photo courtesy of Google images.