Let’s Get This Over With…


In case you’re wondering what I’m referring to, I’m talking about the election. Thumbs up if you already knew from reading the title- congratulations, you know me well. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or my bullshit detector is unable to be turned off but I cannot wait until the polls close today and my sincerest hopes that everything goes uncontested so we can get on with our lives. I don’t know about you all but I’ll have to go to work tomorrow regardless of who wins.

Can you tell I’m not into politics?

Everyone is so passionate about this whole election. I can tell 20 people that I don’t care about who gets to live in The White House the next four years and I’ll still get to listen to some commentary from 19 of them- the remaining one will probably force a discussion at some later time. “I believe most all major candidates are full of crap,”<— that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

For the most part, life goes on.

This is when one of those 19 folks I mentioned earlier will say, “Yeah but how’d you like it if … gets in and your life’s a living hell afterwards?” It’s when I roll my eyes and remind them that it’s pretty much already been a living hell for most any other group of people and we’re just tardy to the party. I still have to report to work everyday, there will always be bills to pay, we’ve all pretty much already been in modern day wage-slavery, wake up folks, freedom has never been free…

I will still vote.

I just might write in a really, really funny name though. President Fuddlely Duddley or MacIntoshin McRighty-Tighty sounds awfully pleasant after listening to our major party candidates sling much mud at each other in the most un-hip sort of fashion, especially these last six months. It’s a shame and it’s revealed more ugly than answer any question about anyone’s leadership capabilities.

Nevertheless, I hope you’ll vote too.

Fuddlely Duddlely really is a hipster and will completely lift the whole country out of this mess we’re in. Write them in and you’ll see. Seriously, I hope you’ll exercise your right to vote and I’m not gonna tell you who to vote for because as I said earlier, I believe all of them are full of crap, ha. Just go and vote with the hopes of moving this country forward- including every man, woman and child. May the good Lord help us all.

Twenty-four hours from now hopefully we can all begin to find something else- another hot button topic to argue over (sigh). The major news networks can begin to look for other (hopefully non-violent) stories to cover and we can all get back to whatever else is truly important in each of our individual lives.

Let’s get this thing over with!



Why I Hate Vacation.

Image result for Vacation

Okay, so I didn’t go anywhere tropical. It was tropical enough in Minnesota with the temperatures and heat indexes both in the 90s. Image courtesy of Google.


There’s nothing really to hate about vacation, really. Who doesn’t enjoy not living by the clock, being available for spontaneity, kicking back and seeing the world when you’d normally be at work?

I usually don’t hate it at all except…..

I’m with you, enjoying about 90% of the time off that we’re talking about. I usually have a great time and reach out to people I know I wouldn’t otherwise- because I work odd hours and don’t call people as often as I should or would. Aside from being social, I’ve truly enjoyed pretending to be unemployed without the income issues of actually being unemployed these last five days but tonight, my vacation sucks. Why?

Because I’ll have to go back to work tomorrow. Which means back to solving problems I didn’t create and people I’m only being paid to deal with- otherwise I’d never cross paths with them. I know they truly would rather be at home as well so there’s no hard feelings. Life.

You know the feeling….

Time to rest up and get ready.

Already looking forward to the next opportunity to be on an extended break.

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Admit it, you’ve been there too… Image courtesy of Google.


National Night Out (Minneapolis)


Earlier this week I got a flyer in my mailbox regarding today’s activities for National Night Out (NNO). I chose not to attend, opting instead to be kind and move my vehicle to the back driveway and let the kids (at least 15 or more) play in the blocked off section we have, while I write, blog and occasionally peep out of the window. It’s always welcomed to see children out playing together while their parents congregate.

I saw a police officer chatting up with residents earlier and I was glad to see this. With the news stories of late involving the deaths of citizens at the hands of law enforcement and vice versa, we need a week of this kind of respite, in my opinion. Our block is home to a demographically wide range of residents in both age and color and the one’s closest to me I’ve already met and wave to often as I’m going about my daily routine. I chose not to co-mingle today because I felt shy and the 2 hour event I feel usually involves the line of questioning I wasn’t up to answering. Usually people think I’m in my twenties and thus the “Where do work?” “What do you do?” barrage of questions is always something I have to encounter. I prefer the small talk and anonymity of crossing paths and just waving and saying hello.

Truthfully, we need more National Night Out days. I don’t speculate and guess a lot about my neighbors but some people truly need the opportunity to get to know their neighbors and build trust to know that others are equally concerned about the safety and well-being of the neighborhood, including law enforcement. It’s also a great excuse to pull out the grill and ‘let the people come’. If you live in the U.S and missed out on this year’s NNO due to it not including your block, I’ve included the link here so you can perhaps get one going in your area. Next year, the day will fall on my birthday and thus I’ll be in a more festive mood. I’ve been in party mode for the last three days and by today I was truly partied out. If you were able to enjoy NNO let me know- so far, Minneapolis has been the leader last year in NNO participation. Represent your city!




Magic is….


Do you believe in magic? (Image courtesy of Google images)

…When a draft of something you wrote many, many months ago on WordPress but WordPress farted and lost it- yet many, many months later it reappears in your draft box as if nothing ever happened.

The good news is: it’s completely irrelevant now and not as big of a ‘loss’ at the time that I thought it was. Take that, delete button. Done.

Back in the Swing of Things


Do you think he hit it? Or was it a strike? Hmmm…(courtesy of Google images)


I know it’s been awhile. A little over six months to be exact. I took a small (okay, semi annual in length) break from my blogging activities to hunker down and deal with some things- a storm of events both good and bad. I missed this favorite activity of mine. Trust me, I need to do some serious catching up with what’s been going on in your lives because life does go on and I depend on other bloggers’ perspective about many things. Writers are the best bunch of people.

My beloved pup, Oliver, of twelve and a half years passed away after a lengthy decline in kidney function and hemangiosarcoma (tumor of the spleen) that had evidence it spread to his liver. I’ll have to write more on this later but I’ll suffice to say for now- dealing with this was one of the more painful moments of my life (five weeks, actually). I lost a member of my pack and as you may or may not know, long standing habits take a very long time to adjust away from. He is sorely missed.

I also made the decision to become an independent author in December 2015 and cut my ties fully in January. If there are any other of you authors on the fence about going independent- let me tell you, YOU CAN DO IT. I was with a publisher who pretty much jacked me around for a few years and then basically half-assed a book release. Um yeah, I deserve better. Trust me I’ll be writing more about this in hopes of giving other authors in a similar situation the inspiration and resources they need to continue on their journey to authorship. Fortunately, we live in a post-traditional publishing world (yey!) and there are plenty of ways to get your work out there. Let me reiterate the last part of that statement:

There are plenty of legitimate companies that will help you produce, publish and market your quality work and make it available to the public for purchase and enjoyment.

So on an author note: my novel Affliction will be re-released this Fall in time for the zombie lovers to enjoy it. Affliction is a wonderful story and I dare not ever let any person discourage my writing passion and goals of having it along with the subsequent stories available to the public.

Folks, never let anyone stand in the way of what your God-given talents are. You’ll probably find that you’re in a somewhat miserable state until you’re doing what you’re truly supposed to. That is factual.

That is my theme for 2016 and pretty much the rest of my life.

So with this re-dedication of mine, of sorts, I’m here to raise my hand to say that I’m still present among you and hope that you all have been well. If that isn’t the case I hope that you are doing better. Life is a journey, not a destination. <— don’t quote me on that, I’ve always heard that statement and I want pass it along to you.

Stay tuned.¬† ūüôā

Feel free to check in by commenting below- let me know how you’ve been. I’ll be poking around a few pages, getting back in touch with you too.


Courtesy of Google Images.




Courtesy of Google images.

Courtesy of Google images.


While reading random stories online, I stumbled across a wonderful article on menopause– which also begs me to wonder why they decided on calling it that. I know it has to do with the root word menses but for gender significance it has nothing to do with men, so why not call it womenopause?¬†Anywho…

At 36, I’m not in the age range for this rite of passage for¬†our older ladies. I’ve always worked with a few who mother nature decides to retire from natural motherhood and if you’re as lucky as I am, you’ve heard all about it- in detail. From what I’ve experienced, some women consider it the bane of their existence at the time while others, more quietly go about ‘the change’ without the dramatic showcase.

Estrogen, estrogen, estrogen, why did you forsake me?”

(hint: because your old butt should not carry and deliver any babies, anymore- not without IVF and many prescriptions)

To everything, there is a season.

I’m usually a good listener so for years, actually ever since I started working in retail when I was 16 and was around women of various ages, I’ve¬†been included in these conversations simply because I’m a¬†woman and for training purposes- that¬†is, to prepare for that life ahead, I¬†too should know what happens and hear some perspective. This also has happened in my 20s and 30s now, quite often!

My first job was working with the city at age 14 painting houses for low income families in the summer. We were divided into groups and often there was only one female painting with 5 or 6 males. Menopause definitely was never a topic.

I’m still at least a decade, possibly closer to two-¬†from¬†having to worrying about¬†this but alas, between now and then some¬†number of older ladies will be sure to fill me in even more before my time comes. Then, ‘the change’ will happen to me and suddenly I will transform into one of those women I had to listen to.


Shout out to Opinionated Man who¬†re-blogged my post,¬†Taking a Stance. Check out his blog too! If you don’t know who he is- he’s like the biggest ‘force’ in WordPress as far as I’m concerned.

Courtesy of Google images.

Courtesy of Google images.

Taking a Stance





Generally I think it’s a great idea to invest your time and energies into entities where you’ll be able to grow and fashion yourself into becoming more knowledgeable, more professional, more- better at your endeavors.

Sometimes you have to say screw it, as I have, and thus step out on your own to see what ‘blessings’ you may earn on your own.

This relates to almost anything.

For me right now- this equates to publishing, particularly my own woes. It’s taken longer than expected to produce my work- through no fault of my own. I thought, no, I believed- with feverish excitement at times that the path I was on would lead to my goals of seeing my work produced in physical, tangible form. I’ve learned that sometimes a path is really just an entrance ramp. From there you can see a view of where you’re trying to go and the actual path to the opportunity to complete your goals lies just ahead.

Sometimes, that entrance ramp has a toll booth in which a cost is involved. For me right now, that cost was time. I’ve spent more than two years on that entrance ramp. It’s not been without waste though. Surely the ‘traffic’ was interesting. I’ve developed and learned a lot about my abilities and I’ve grown to take charge and trust my instinct thus, I’ve prepared myself for the actual road ahead which I can see is quicker, smoother and I’ll get to control the wheel from now on.

I’m not here to rant about what was done wrong to me. I’m here at the recovery phase to encourage anyone else who feels stuck at any point in their lives to figure out where you can take the controls and steer yourself with your own good wisdom. I’ll admit, I almost felt defeated. Then I remembered myself from years ago when I nearly died and I made a promise to stay resilient and never let any individual or entity rob me of my desire to thrive.

More to come on this later, folks.

In the meantime, Happy Halloween!