Let’s Get This Over With…


In case you’re wondering what I’m referring to, I’m talking about the election. Thumbs up if you already knew from reading the title- congratulations, you know me well. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or my bullshit detector is unable to be turned off but I cannot wait until the polls close today and my sincerest hopes that everything goes uncontested so we can get on with our lives. I don’t know about you all but I’ll have to go to work tomorrow regardless of who wins.

Can you tell I’m not into politics?

Everyone is so passionate about this whole election. I can tell 20 people that I don’t care about who gets to live in The White House the next four years and I’ll still get to listen to some commentary from 19 of them- the remaining one will probably force a discussion at some later time. “I believe most all major candidates are full of crap,”<— that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

For the most part, life goes on.

This is when one of those 19 folks I mentioned earlier will say, “Yeah but how’d you like it if … gets in and your life’s a living hell afterwards?” It’s when I roll my eyes and remind them that it’s pretty much already been a living hell for most any other group of people and we’re just tardy to the party. I still have to report to work everyday, there will always be bills to pay, we’ve all pretty much already been in modern day wage-slavery, wake up folks, freedom has never been free…

I will still vote.

I just might write in a really, really funny name though. President Fuddlely Duddley or MacIntoshin McRighty-Tighty sounds awfully pleasant after listening to our major party candidates sling much mud at each other in the most un-hip sort of fashion, especially these last six months. It’s a shame and it’s revealed more ugly than answer any question about anyone’s leadership capabilities.

Nevertheless, I hope you’ll vote too.

Fuddlely Duddlely really is a hipster and will completely lift the whole country out of this mess we’re in. Write them in and you’ll see. Seriously, I hope you’ll exercise your right to vote and I’m not gonna tell you who to vote for because as I said earlier, I believe all of them are full of crap, ha. Just go and vote with the hopes of moving this country forward- including every man, woman and child. May the good Lord help us all.

Twenty-four hours from now hopefully we can all begin to find something else- another hot button topic to argue over (sigh). The major news networks can begin to look for other (hopefully non-violent) stories to cover and we can all get back to whatever else is truly important in each of our individual lives.

Let’s get this thing over with!



What a Beautiful World…

Until I watch any news/media source…


It’s been awhile but a busy life has a way of moving things around. I have a favorite song of mine in mind (hint: IGY) so I’ll go ahead and leave it here for your listening pleasure. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do every time I hear it ūüôā

I hope you haven’t forgotten about me- I’ve missed you all, really. I’ll have some exciting news about the re-release of Affliction here shortly as I work to get things in order. I’m really impressed with the process and will be blogging all about it- especially as I work to release the sequel in 2017. Being an Indie author is absolutely empowering! If you’re willing to put the work/effort in- there are no limitations except the ones you place on yourself. That pretty much goes with anything.

If you haven’t signed up to get on my email list already, I highly recommend it because I’ll be focusing most of my energy toward communications/ giveaways about Affliction through that method of media- plus my emails will be both few and to the point. I’m thinking t-shirts, books, mugs are a good starting point, what do you think?



Why I Hate Vacation.

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Okay, so I didn’t go anywhere tropical. It was tropical enough in Minnesota with the temperatures and heat indexes both in the 90s. Image courtesy of Google.


There’s nothing really to hate about vacation, really. Who doesn’t enjoy not living by the clock, being available for spontaneity, kicking back and seeing the world when you’d normally be at work?

I usually don’t hate it at all except…..

I’m with you, enjoying about 90% of the time off that we’re talking about. I usually have a great time and reach out to people I know I wouldn’t otherwise- because I work odd hours and don’t call people as often as I should or would. Aside from being social, I’ve truly enjoyed pretending to be unemployed without the income issues of actually being unemployed these last five days but tonight, my vacation sucks. Why?

Because I’ll have to go back to work tomorrow. Which means back to solving problems I didn’t create and people I’m only being paid to deal with- otherwise I’d never cross paths with them. I know they truly would rather be at home as well so there’s no hard feelings. Life.

You know the feeling….

Time to rest up and get ready.

Already looking forward to the next opportunity to be on an extended break.

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Admit it, you’ve been there too… Image courtesy of Google.


National Night Out (Minneapolis)


Earlier this week I got a flyer in my mailbox regarding today’s activities for National Night Out (NNO). I chose not to attend, opting instead to be kind and move my vehicle to the back driveway and let the kids (at least 15 or more) play in the blocked off section we have, while I write, blog and occasionally peep out of the window. It’s always welcomed to see children out playing together while their parents congregate.

I saw a police officer chatting up with residents earlier and I was glad to see this. With the news stories of late involving the deaths of citizens at the hands of law enforcement and vice versa, we need a week of this kind of respite, in my opinion. Our block is home to a demographically wide range of residents in both age and color and the one’s closest to me I’ve already met and wave to often as I’m going about my daily routine. I chose not to co-mingle today because I felt shy and the 2 hour event I feel usually involves the line of questioning I wasn’t up to answering. Usually people think I’m in my twenties and thus the “Where do work?” “What do you do?” barrage of questions is always something I have to encounter. I prefer the small talk and anonymity of crossing paths and just waving and saying hello.

Truthfully, we need more National Night Out days. I don’t speculate and guess a lot about my neighbors but some people truly need the opportunity to get to know their neighbors and build trust to know that others are equally concerned about the safety and well-being of the neighborhood, including law enforcement. It’s also a great excuse to pull out the grill and ‘let the people come’. If you live in the U.S and missed out on this year’s NNO due to it not including your block, I’ve included the link here so you can perhaps get one going in your area. Next year, the day will fall on my birthday and thus I’ll be in a more festive mood. I’ve been in party mode for the last three days and by today I was truly partied out. If you were able to enjoy NNO let me know- so far, Minneapolis has been the leader last year in NNO participation. Represent your city!




What I know

modernization 2.png

Exploring the nuts and bolts of keeping one’s WP site functional and modern. (Image courtesy of Google)


I know that in the grand scheme of things in the technical world, I don’t know much at all. Truth be told, I wish I was about 10 years younger just so that naturally I’d have the aptitude to be able to understand some of the technological things that baffle me as of now.

What exactly can my computer do?

It’s almost midnight and I’m trying to tell myself after an hour of trying to modernize my WordPress site that most people are probably confused as well doing this very thing. My attempts to ‘modernize’ include linking my Facebook author page to WordPress and Twitter to mainstream everything so that I’ll be able to send mass emails to people that are interested. I added a few widgets (and discovered I don’t really like the name ‘widget’) to help the modernization. Hopefully you’ve seen the invite to signup for my email list because I hope to better inform those who are interested and hold contests and giveaways once I get my ‘shit’ together and Affliction is published.

I dream of giveaways for Afflction: branded t-shirts, mugs, pencils- you name it. I’ve even thought about tagging a few pigeons for advertising. I’ll feed them too, don’t worry. ūüôā

I’m doing this all on my own because I’m independent now. I like being independent.

I’m also ready to bang my head against the wall but I’m glad I’m doing this all on my own because I can and because I don’t want to suffer the defeat of being in my thirties and the natural abilities I had with Windows XP doesn’t mean squat right now… I’m starting to fossilize, I can feel it.

Anyways, I do hope you sign up for my email list- as it states, I promise not to sell your email to anyone and I’ll definitely not bother you unless I feel it’s something you can benefit from because I, too am among many email lists that I hope won’t abuse the privilege.

Happy Sunday to you!

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Changing Perspectives

"Priorities" Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

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Like the title suggests, this Christmas Eve I’m acknowledging my changing attitudes and thoughts on many things… my God, does that mean I’m getting older (again)?

Recently I’ve been experiencing my own episodes of independence and maturation (moving in with the boyfriend can do that) as well as changing and owning up to the production of my own works (going from traditionally published to independent status) I feel more in control of my life now than ever before. I feel the potential to achieve success is mine to renew, rebuild, and refurbish- I am the captain. Part of me wants an official badge and hat or something while the other half wants to laugh at my former self for assuming I wasn’t capable in the first place.

indie publishing

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I’m in the mode of near-exclusive encouragement to others who are contemplating their next professional move, especially when it comes to authorship. Sure it will cost you a little money but piece-of-mind about the outcome is worth it, even at double the price. I’ll write more on the specifics of my journey later but I’ll suffice it to say that right now, I’m completely at peace about it all. My motto now is more closely aligned with the saying, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.”- “What are you waiting for?”

Well, as we close out the end of the year and look to set goals at the most popular and powerful time of the year in January: What are you waiting for?


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(Almost) Missing: The Magic of Christmas

christmas 1

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It’s two days before Christmas Eve and suddenly I’m reflecting on Christmas memories from year’s past. Its bittersweet. For about five years now I’ve found that Christmas has lost its steam, its potential, its wow factor. I’ve come to realize it’s not as fun of a holiday when you’re all grown up. Sure, if I had kids I could make it my job to give them the best impression that an obese man with a beard actually makes it to every house overnight with reindeer pulling toys on a sleigh- no bathroom breaks required. I don’t have kids so for now, I look to others and build as much of the fun as I can.

christmas 2

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Like many others, I¬†think the¬†era of Christmas itself has changed due to technology and consumerism. I complain now for a very good reason: I¬†spent the peak Christmas years for a child¬†in Anchorage, Alaska in the mid¬†80’s. Let me tell you, it gets no better for Christmas than that. Folks my age and older¬†will agree. Back then, things were simpler. With mountains surrounding the city and our¬†proximity to the North Pole, it required no stretch of the imagination to believe that fat man would make it down the chimney so many of us had. With real reindeer roaming around the surrounding forests in the outskirts of the city it was easy to wonder if they were a part of the magic eight out on a stroll when they weren’t busy pulling the jolly fat guy around with his toys. We also attended church and knew of the spiritual meaning of the day: the day which we celebrate Jesus’ birth but I’ll admit as a kid the presents were much more exciting!

Christmas 3

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Now as an adult,¬†I as well as other 80s babies are now¬†consumed with coordinating work/travel schedules, meal planning and gift buying… which all¬†but a¬†smaller portion of joy is removed to be experienced once everything comes together for Christmas dinner. The long awaited, child-like¬†excitement is now replaced with budgeting and other mild stresses along with other adults who feel nearly the same way. The real reason of the day becomes more apparent and important. Jesus replaces the jolly fat guy. We each become a little bit responsible for the fate of the world around us.

Like my grandmother says, “Enjoy your youth.”

My offering to you at the height of this season (I apologize for not getting to you before now) is for a little bit of that child-like wonder to return to your heart. Remember when you went¬†to bed¬†on Christmas¬†Eve and you were excited beyond words? Remember when you woke up feeling like you hadn’t slept at all but daylight was in the window and you knew this was one of the best days of the year? May that feeling return and make itself known. May your dinner table be packed with food and your smiles and laughter come often. May you wonder if only for a second whether that fat, jolly man might’ve made his way around to every heart bringing the gift of peace.

Merry Christmas.

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