Affliction is for Zombie Apocalypse Lovers



Tis the season for surviving the apocalypse. A quick note to let you all know that I’m not much of a salesperson when it comes to talking about my book however- there is no time better than October and during all things Halloween-ish. It’s available at Barnes and Noble as well as on Amazon. For all you Kindle users it’s only $1.99- you can pick it up by clicking the link to Amazon here.

I’d love to know what you think about it once you read it!



Affliction: Isn’t it Pretty? How I did it.


Affliction is available online now! See below for details!


Happy Summer! Where I am (Minnesota) we’re on the first full day of summer and almost all of us are happy about it. I hung up my spring jacket, bidding it a fond farewell until the temps are consistently below 55. Enough of that mess.

I’ve neglected to promote the release of my dearest, prize possession here on WordPress. The rerelease of my artistic baby, Affliction on all the larger book-buying sites. I may have mentioned it earlier but I want to be clear that you all, my writing friends have a chance to see it for yourselves and purchase it if you’re so willing to be entertained by me for a few hours of your life. My publication story is not all that complex though it took time in order for me to be satisfied. If you’re both immediately satisfied with my cover above and you’re interested in publishing, the next few paragraphs are going to be of extreme interest to you. Let me reiterate an idea for you: You can self-publish your own quality work and be an author…

I spent two years of my writing ‘career’ that amounted to nothing more than a waste. You can scroll back to earlier posts from me years ago and witness this yourself (if you wish to waste your time, but I hope not). There’s some good articles written by me no doubt but my promotion of a particular publisher who shall remain nameless from now on was a complete robbery of my time, in hindsight. For some reason, I felt that finding a ‘publisher’ was a natural step to prove to others that my writing, ultimately my time, was worthy of a higher platform. That somehow no other ‘higher’ platform existed. This perception is highly subjective and pretty much unwarranted in 2017.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing traditional publishing.

If you’re so inclined you can probably find my celebratory post claiming that I’d gotten umpteen rejection letters from agents but finally piqued the interest of a publisher who was willing to bring my precious work (and time) front and center, giving it its moment to shine. I’d been through so much and was going through so much that I turned to writing. Writing gave me freedom. After my work was finished I was encouraged by others to seek a higher level of existence for it. Enter the world of publishing…

I’ll skip the story of my frustrations- you can also go back in my archives if you wish to read that mess. Instead I’ll fast forward to the part where I found that anyone can use some of the same services your publisher would use and keep your royalties while experiencing great service and give your book an equal opportunity on the shelves along with some of the traditional publishing “greats.” Enter Bookfuel.

Bookfuel used their design artists to develop the cover for Affliction. Affliction is a great story but anyone will tell you a book is nothing without a decent cover. Wait until you hold this edition in your hand and you’ll see its quality, you’ll see their talent and most importantly, you’ll see it’s what I wanted in a design. Signing up for their services is easy. After going to their website you’ll know what to expect (and get it) from day one. Editing? Okay. Distribution? Okay. Promotion? Okay. It’s all there. They have it and authors are satisfied. It’s not free (they are a business) however they are reasonable and of quality. If you put effort into it you’ll begin to see some of the results of those in the big league. I invite you to take a look at what they do and what they can possibly do for your work.

As for me, I saw my finished product, Affliction and I’m impressed with my first novel. It took a second round of me finally taking control and from what I see, there will be more from me. You can purchase Affliction here on Amazon. I hope you act on my advice whether you choose services such as Bookfuel or not and chase your author dreams. You too, can produce marketable, quality work.

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I’m a brain aneurysm survivor who went through many months of speech therapy to deal with issues including short-term memory loss as a subsequent side-effect. I wanted to write after I survived. I soon after pushed myself through a full-time day courses (including all the sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry) at a local private college while working night shift 32 hours a week at a hospital. No wonder I ended up focusing on zombies. While remembering details was one thing, writing was something I felt I had the most control of under so many other variables- so I went with it… and I kept going. (Image courtesy of Google)

Finally, a Release.


Here it is!



A dream of mine finally came true (again). My novel Affliction is finally available for purchase on all the major outlets (Amazon, B&N, Apple Books, etc.). It still feels like an amazing, first time achievement! I liken it to the claim of one losing their virginity (again) only this time to a true love. That love for me goes by the name of independence. Ahh, sweet, self-ownership… Now the real work begins.

I’ve worked hard to have this baby consisting of 252 edited pages from which I spent months upon months of my free time often after 2am concocting, dreaming and theorizing plots- ultimately formulating sentences to bring forth the idea of a story involving a believable character and world under unbelievable circumstances. I’ve also suffered the hurdles of being a traditionally published author and the disappointments which ultimately makes one pull up their bootstraps and get even more serious about achieving their goal.

Enter the zombie (again).

Yes, those hideous, undead things that 10 years ago I would not have taken any more of a particular interest in than any other genre. Somehow though, things often not considered become center stage and become the catalyst for the completion of an amazing challenge. I get to present the sum total of this challenge I placed upon myself and I hope you get to enjoy it. Blood, sweat, tears…

Plus, I need reviews 🙂

I’ve read in many places that reviews are the lifeline to the survivability of any product from cars to shoes to vacuums.

The Kindle version of Affliction is only $1.99, I repeat less than the cost of Starbucks fancy drinks so believe me- I’m not planning any retirement. I just want the world to be able to enjoy the fictional world I’ve created involving a lead character by the name of Seanna Burges. I’ll hit the keys again soon to wrap up the sequel because believe me, you’ll want to know what happens next.

I must thank those who’ve always encouraged me: family, friends, co-workers, social media pals as well as other authors I’ve met and have not- who’ve day by day, graciously done their thing, publishing their best work for us all to see but have undertaken the same path as most all of us undiscovered authors and have built their platform successfully.

I’ve included a few links to view and purchase Affliction below, if you’re so inclined:


Barnes & Noble (‘see all available formats’ for Nook $1.99 version)

There will be more to come on this project soon. I highly suggest signing up for my email list. Not often will you get them (4x a year, maybe?)- I like being generous and will do giveaways exclusively from there soon. I’ll be posting more about my own process of self publishing soon as I want others to be able to replicate any self-publishing efforts.

Affliction: What Can I Expect?

It is reality! (2015, image by D. Daniels)

It is reality! (2015, image by D. Daniels)


It’s almost here and available for pre-order! The picture above is the proof-copy I received in the mail a few days ago. I was beyond elated and ready to shoot for the moon when I finally held it in my hands. If you’ve read this far, you may be wondering what you’ll be reading about if you decide to buy it. Of course I’m not going to tell you what happens here, but I’ll certainly give you the scoop just like I described to my family, friends and co-workers.

It’s about ZOMBIES.

You know, those undead things that have currently been on cable (AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead which premiers in October). Those things whose make-up and special effects in addition to its storyline gives some of the die hard fans something to talk about on Monday. It’s therapeutic, really. For one, that’s what my book- Affliction is about: Those undead things.

I wrote Affliction as if I were trying to buy it or sell it to myself, therefore…

You won’t have to read 20 or 30 pages in order for it to grab your attention. I absolutely pass on most books that take up more than one night of reading before I’m likely to say, “okay, I like this.” My time is too precious and I would’ve ended up bored writing it and thus wouldn’t have made it to the point where it’s something you can purchase today.

You can also expect elements from a lot of different genres. When I was originally trying to classify what Affliction was genre-wise I was never truly impressed with any one official, or trusted definition to label it with. Sure there’s zombies so of course, it’s horror but there’s also strong elements of mystery, drama and adventure along with science fiction. There’s a tiny bit of romance that’s not overly-vulgar but it fits into the storyline. I felt it was unfair to categorize it into only one or two genres. I mean seriously, I feel it could be as exclusionary as women’s literature based on just viewpoint alone but enough of everything else I mentioned that male zombie-aficionados should not feel weird reading it. It’s a little bit of everything.

Read Affliction and you’ll see why.

Lastly, I definitely leave room for more. Yes, Affliction will be the first in a series. Perhaps it’ll be three or four books, maybe only two. I’m still in the process of figuring our how in-depth I’d like the story to be. I’m 70% done with the 2nd (untitled) book but I promise the same multi genred-ness as before.

Ultimately my goals for Affliction is to please both the reader who is already familiar with the genre as well as to grab the attentions of a few new readers who otherwise wouldn’t bother with zombie literature in the first place. The fact that my lead character is a bi-racial woman may be the first that has ever occurred with the zombie market. One zombie novel grabbed my attention and turned me into a happy fan. I’m hoping to do the same for someone else. At the least bit, I want readers who are already fans of the genre to say, “It wasn’t a waste of time.” If I can get that much. I’ll be a happy author.

Affliction is available for pre-order and soon to be released at both my publisher’s website and Amazon. The links are below:

DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C    <——- (40% OFF LIST PRICE IS THE CURRENT PROMO!)

Amazon Bookstore

Birthing Affliction

Affliction by Dottie Daniels. Published by DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C (2015)

Affliction by Dottie Daniels. Published by DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C (2015)


I hope you all had a great weekend. For many they’re extra sweet and savory because in the Midwest and northern regions of the United States- these nice, warm weekends are numbered. Anything nice going into mid-Fall is lucky. My sign that winter around me is likely to be brutal is due to the number of yellow-jackets in my neighbor/surrounding cities being extra aggressive and large in number.

Anyways, I received my first copy of Affliction in the mail on Friday. It was surreal. I mean, I dreamt about it a few days before but I had to double-check and make sure I wasn’t still dreaming! I’ve been telling all my Facebook buddies, Twitter buddies and family and friends. Everyone has been so supportive! I’m so thankful. Now I want to tell you all. You’re my people too. Affliction is probably at it’s lowest price at my publisher so be sure and order now before the sale ends.

It’s been a long process from the first time I opened my laptop back in 2010 and began to write what is now in my hands in physical form, complete with cover. I tell people it’s been a learning process since I created the Word file and used Google Earth to go to the story’s location (Pennsylvania) to find out how to enact the best symptoms of an actual zombie virus to actually finishing it and then go on to find a publisher and so on. I’ve become a one-woman marketing team, trying to find out everything I need to know to make Affliction known and accessible to every person who may be interested. Some things I understand about that process while others I will have to wait for further clarification.

In short, the ‘authorship’ process really grows a person more than what I’ve expected. It’s given me something to dedicate myself to. I’ve become a better person because of it. I’ve fallen in love with writing.

Affliction is due out September 15th.

You can check out my various other social media outlets here:

Twitter:     @AuthorDottie

Facebook: Author Dottie Daniels

For the Love of Horror

Image courtesy of Google.

Image courtesy of Google.


As much as I love summer and am a true fan of the genre, I feel nothing hosts the livelihood of all things horror-related in the arts and entertainment world like the Fall season does. I’m already digging through my DVD collection to find the scarier and more haunting films versus the comedies and action/adventure films I’d usually choose for viewing.

My ultimate pick to start the season off (though I admit, I’m still loving summer) is Dawn of the Dead (1978). It’s the only movie I’ve watched 30 times and view it each time like it’s my first. Being the author of my own zombie novel titled Affliction, my first go-to is anything zombie. Yes, I’m a fan of The Walking Dead!

Other horror films I’m fond of as well. The numerous remakes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre along with my favorite non-zombie movie- Insidious are movies I prefer to watch in the daytime because they scare me like nothing else. I blame the surround sound. I call that entertainment!

So here’s my official blessing to usher in the season of horror- may your TV’s and books keep you entertained and the subsequent nightmares be interesting! Are there any horror movies you’d recommend? Please let me know!

Image courtesy of Google.

More of these guys and gals please! Image courtesy of Google.

Reading (Editing) Feverishly

Photo courtesy of Google images- but I still would like to review your title!

Photo courtesy of Google images.


I haven’t dropped off the planet- although I feel I have. I’ve been busy playing the editor role for the upcoming release of my first novel, Affliction. It’s been edited already but that last read-over before it’s sent off to the printer is the most important. My publisher, DonnaInk Publications L.L.C has already inquired about when I’ll be ready to release it. I told her it’d be by today and I’m trying to get it done by day’s end.

I’ll say this though, never have I come to both love and hate a piece of writing such as I have at this moment. For the last five years when I started writing Affliction, completed it and nearly completed its sequel, I’ve lived, breathed and cherished all aspects of it along with writing in general. As an editor (with my figurative ‘editor’ hat on) I’m able to see things I love and hate about it, magnified 10x. The spelling and grammar is not so much an issue in my opinion as it is making sure the flow is perfect to a first time reader. I’ve asked people to read it and they approve but the feedback of, “I like it”, “It’s fine,” “I loved it” doesn’t satiate the appetite of the nearly-rabid editor I’ve become in the last two weeks or so- specifically in the last four days.

I’ve had to transform from that: rabidity into normalcy.

I’ve discovered however, the cure for literary rabies is positive self-talk and frequent breaks to read the news which will remind you in your state of insanity- just how sane you really are. If that doesn’t work- try social media where there are zero literacy and grammatical rules. If you’ve truly given your work your best. It will survive. You will survive.

That’s all folks, enjoy your weekend!

Photo courtesy of Google images.

Photo courtesy of Google images.