The Truth Hurts – Stop wasting your breath

We’re all guilty of this. I know I am. Too often in this dreaded “Age of Information” we’re overloaded with everything but what’s actually important to our own survival. because of it, it’s easy to become less grateful for the more basic things we often take for granted, such as breathing.
Yeah, it’s been a personal reminder to me because someone I know passed away on Saturday who was a friend of the family (RIP, Betty). It was definitely too soon for this beautiful, down-to-Earth human being (I’ve yet to recall anyone I know who’s death was timely).
So yes, as we complain about our inconveniences, our relationships, how much we hate the opposite sex, our jobs (my favorite for now), our neighbors, how much we pay in taxes, those shoes that never fit correctly, what we had for dinner, our in-laws, our crappy cars, how slow the internet is, who won the Golden Globes, the SOTU address, politicians (no matter how rightly so), the weather, our friends and their issues, and why you cannot ever match up all of your socks- let us remember that there is whole slew of people out their who would kill for your problems. That’s right, they’d take you out of your so called misery to enjoy the problems that you are experiencing.

I’m not brow-beating here. Sounds like it though, eh?

This is just your reality check. This is just your permission slip to hit the reset button and be thankful that because you’re reading this you likely have access to the internet which also means that it’s likely you have a higher standard of living versus those who are actually on the brink and thus you should take the day to be appreciative of that feat in itself. Heck, there are people with internet access who are dying as we speak (oh dang!).

Next for your own vexing issues, I’d suggest taking the time in all this gratitude to allow karma to work in your favor by doing something kind for someone else. Be a blessing. If you do this regularly- I say perfect! Do it again and be better at it than before. See if down the road you aren’t paid back because generally, that’s how it works.

As the guy in the picture laying on the table may tell you if he could; your current ‘issues’ may not actually be all that important in the grand scheme of things. 🙂