Finally, a Release.


Here it is!



A dream of mine finally came true (again). My novel Affliction is finally available for purchase on all the major outlets (Amazon, B&N, Apple Books, etc.). It still feels like an amazing, first time achievement! I liken it to the claim of one losing their virginity (again) only this time to a true love. That love for me goes by the name of independence. Ahh, sweet, self-ownership… Now the real work begins.

I’ve worked hard to have this baby consisting of 252 edited pages from which I spent months upon months of my free time often after 2am concocting, dreaming and theorizing plots- ultimately formulating sentences to bring forth the idea of a story involving a believable character and world under unbelievable circumstances. I’ve also suffered the hurdles of being a traditionally published author and the disappointments which ultimately makes one pull up their bootstraps and get even more serious about achieving their goal.

Enter the zombie (again).

Yes, those hideous, undead things that 10 years ago I would not have taken any more of a particular interest in than any other genre. Somehow though, things often not considered become center stage and become the catalyst for the completion of an amazing challenge. I get to present the sum total of this challenge I placed upon myself and I hope you get to enjoy it. Blood, sweat, tears…

Plus, I need reviews 🙂

I’ve read in many places that reviews are the lifeline to the survivability of any product from cars to shoes to vacuums.

The Kindle version of Affliction is only $1.99, I repeat less than the cost of Starbucks fancy drinks so believe me- I’m not planning any retirement. I just want the world to be able to enjoy the fictional world I’ve created involving a lead character by the name of Seanna Burges. I’ll hit the keys again soon to wrap up the sequel because believe me, you’ll want to know what happens next.

I must thank those who’ve always encouraged me: family, friends, co-workers, social media pals as well as other authors I’ve met and have not- who’ve day by day, graciously done their thing, publishing their best work for us all to see but have undertaken the same path as most all of us undiscovered authors and have built their platform successfully.

I’ve included a few links to view and purchase Affliction below, if you’re so inclined:


Barnes & Noble (‘see all available formats’ for Nook $1.99 version)

There will be more to come on this project soon. I highly suggest signing up for my email list. Not often will you get them (4x a year, maybe?)- I like being generous and will do giveaways exclusively from there soon. I’ll be posting more about my own process of self publishing soon as I want others to be able to replicate any self-publishing efforts.


Introducing Author Shellie Blum (An Author Spotlight)


Many moons ago you may recall my interest in doing book reviews and other related topics here on WordPress. Being an author myself, I want to always share what I’ve learned about ‘authorship’ and the good things I come across. Writers tend to be a cool bunch of people- we interact often and thus the chances of coming across fantastic individuals runs high. Here’s a fantastic lady I’d like you to be aware of.

Shellie 2

Courtesy of


Shellie Blum is her name and Waterski Girl Wonder is the memoir she’s pinned about her upbringing and life around the sport. I’ve been friends with her on Facebook for a few years now, having the privilege to view her throwback videos of when she and other ladies would perform years ago in the 80’s. Shellie is one of the most positive entities in my friends list- posting only the cutest of animal photos and clips. Unfortunately in 1989 Shellie suffered a career ending injury- a Hangman’s Fracture and a broken jaw during a practice run. Up until that point Shellie was living her successful dream. At the moment of injury though, she would spend years coping with what it means to truly survive. Below is a brief Q&A session I had the privilege of having with whom I can only describe as a humble and kind lady:

 Where were you born and where do you live now?

I was born in Jacksonville, North Carolina on the military base Camp Lejeune. I now live in Lake Wales, Florida.

When did you decide to write Waterski Girl Wonder? How long did it take to complete it?

I was being called crazy on the Judge Alex TV show facebook page and was banned from it. This was in January of 2012. Around January 19th if I remember correctly, I was so angry I started writing my book, and 25 days later I had my first draft completed and sent off to a proofreader February 15th, 2012.

What can readers expect from Waterski Girl Wonder?

I’m hoping readers will feel like they’re on a roller coaster ride of my life- and that they will have to metaphorically keep pinching themselves that, indeed this really did happen.

You’ve obviously overcome a tremendous injury- I’m glad you survived! Are you still dealing with any health issues from that incident today?

I have several health issue but feel extremely blessed that I’m still alive. And I realize how lucky I am compared to other people so I try not to complain too much.

What words of advice would you give to yourself if you could go back in time to visit yourself as a child?

Perhaps to be more patient. I’ve always been in a hurry about things, you know trying so hard, moving too fast. It’s something I’m still working on today.

Speaking of children, you have a lovely set of twins, are they fans of the waterski sport?

They are both very athletically inclined and are 2nd degree Black Belts in Tae Kwon Do. Yes, they are fans of all watersports but I don’t push them in any direction. I let them decide what they want to do, and mostly they like to see if their old mom can flip them off our inner tube from behind our Seadoo.

What are your other hobbies?

I really don’t have any hobbies, unless of course you consider my obsession with Social Media. Somewhere along the time line of me writing my book and trying to garner the attention of traditional agents and publishing houses, I was told I should build a book platform. I didn’t even know what that meant, but apparently Social Media is the ticket. I would go after building my Social Media presence and book platfrom like I’ve done everything else in my life… Balls to the Wall! Maybe it will pay off, maybe it won’t. Only time will time. The powers that be told me to build a book platform, so I built it. Still no help from traditional sources, so I’ll go it alone.

Are you doing any additional writing now? Can readers expect more titles from you in the future?

I am not. But I am being encouraged by some of my fellow writers who have read my memoir and think I should. Isn’t that great? I truly appreciate the camraderie of the Indie writing world. So, yes, I feel like I might have another book in me.

When/where can we buy Waterski Girl Wonder?

The official book launch date is December 16th, 2015, but you can get the hard cover book right now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, you know, the regular outlets. I am fighting, er, uh haggling with Amazon to discount my book, so that process is happening just now. Hopefully, by December 16th, 2015 I will have gotten the price down where it’s a little more competitve. Just google my name Shellie Blum or Waterski Girl Wonder, my book and website should pop up.

If you’d like to pick up a copy through Amazon, I’ve included the link here.

Shellie is on Twitter.

She is also on Facebook.

Follow and/or friend her, you won’t regret it.

shellie 4

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Books at the Dollar Store? Yes! 

Image courtesy of Google

Image courtesy of Google


FYI, if you haven’t gone to one specifically for book shopping, I suggest you do so. Not all Dollar stores carry books I’d imagine but I’ve found most all of the different chain stores do in my area. I wouldn’t go there expecting to find this week’s best seller (maybe last year’s), nevertheless it’s a great place to find a good read. In the U.S. if you go to Dollar Tree you won’t see a huge selection but perhaps from the 50 or so titles they’ll have, you can bet you’ll find at least one or two, at a cost of a buck each, plus tax. On my last visit a few days ago, I found three. I had to narrow it down to three because I’d allotted myself five bucks to spend and needed sponges and pencil pouch.

When looking for good books, don’t count the Dollar store out. Heck, not even Amazon or Barnes & Noble can compete with those prices. Happy Shopping!

Great Zombie Blogs

These guys want some of you to survive. Photo courtesy of Google images.

These guys want some of you to survive. Photo courtesy of Google images.


While at work today, my curiosity about other blogs about zombies finally reminded me when I get home to take a look at what others who love the genre may have to offer. I love good blogs and am not afraid to tell others about them. My own blog has a great deal of zombie related content and I love to connect with others who also possess the passion for the fanfare, the literature (creation or reading of it) and the cinematic enjoyment.

It’s not an awards ceremony (unlike the Liebster and others that can be found floating around on here)- it’s just my own attempt to help others find sites they may be interested in- as well as my part in telling the blogger to keep up the good work.

Photo courtesy of Google images

Photo courtesy of Google images

This are not in any sort of order of importance.

#1- The Zombie Blog

This blog is ran by a young fellow from the Netherlands. James is only 21 or 22 but his site contains a generous amount of literature related to the topic of ZA survival. He warns you of all the traditional stuff and I’m hoping to find a section about making homemade weapons out of things that might be readily available because we all know that bullets and other ammo eventually run out (hint, hint James).  He also has different sections related to the fanfare of the genre. I say check it out- it’s definitely worth the read. Here’s the link to his blog. This site is perfect.


This site isn’t a blog specifically but for those interested in science fiction including ZA novels- this is a quick place to get a suggestion for your next ZA read. Lots of people I know who are into ZA movies also appreciate a good read. This site gives great suggestions- thus preventing a great deal of time searching for a book (when you can be reading the next great book instead). I never get tired of apocalyptic stories- do you? Check them out here. I’m confident there’s a book on this list you haven’t read but will enjoy.

#3 Zombie Book Blog

This is a pretty good site as well. It also carries a great deal of content for movie reviews. I was reminded of the movie Fido which I’d seen years ago but was totally impressed with the storyline. I recommend seeing that movie as well. Maybe you can tell me if you agree or not that zombies would make good companions. The site is ran by a few passionate for the zombie genre. You can check out their site and suggestions here.

I know there are at least a dozen other sites that are decent and are well-kept- that is, they have been active in the last month or so. Often, nothing can be more disappointing than coming across a site that has not been contributed to since 2012 (As if the events in the movie ‘2012actually happened).  C’mon guys!

These are the few that I’ve come up with for now. I’ll definitely keep this open to addition as I stroll through the different ZA sites and see what they have to offer. If you know of a site that is recommendable, feel free to let me know. Your input is appreciated!

Photo courtesy of Google images.

Photo courtesy of Google images.

Has it Been a Year Already?


Apparently I’ve been on WordPress for one year now. I’m glad they kept track. I love this place and although I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like to- this is still cause for a tiny celebration. I imagine they would’ve notified me of this regardless to whether I’ve only made several posts or have completed over 100, the later being the case. As a blogger, I try really hard not to blog unless I have something worthy, funny or inspiring to say. Too often I see posts about ‘nothing much going on’ and personally that drives me a little crazy. I cannot get those moments back.

Some people blog for the sake of blogging itself. Me, on the other hand, I have put in nearly many an hour of overtime at work, have a full life at home, am trying to still qualify as a writer- by actually acting out the verb of ‘writing’ as we know it and am also trying to develop my budding relationship with the boyfriend- who has been very patient with me as we spend precious hours together here and there. I am grateful because I gain new perspective all the time being very busy. I’ve learned that there are a lot of people who are very busy.

We should create a club- except no one would have time for it.

Everything needs tending to, always, in order to make it worthwhile. Lots of stuff has been going on in the news- things that I have plenty of opinion on but know they are receiving the due attention regardless of the stance. My publisher tells me that Affliction is on the front burner for publication so it is that of which I hold on most dearly to. That moment when I add salesperson to my resume. I promise I won’t burden you with pitches- but indeed you will know the moments leading up to its availability to the public and goings-on thereafter. I worked very hard to create something that even I would want to read. Currently I’m working on the sequel now. 70% done.

Currently it’s a little chilly here in Minneapolis. I hope it’s a little warmer wherever you are. The sun is out though and my intent is to catch some rays is my priority before the rain moves in for pretty much all of next week. Feel free to shout-out and let me know where you are and whether you’ll fare better or worse over the next few days. Really, I care. 🙂

How Successful I Would Like to Be (Really)

If you've seen The Lord of the Rings you understand this well! If not, the words are still true. Photo courtesy of Google images.

If you’ve seen The Lord of the Rings you understand this well! If not, the words are still true. Photo courtesy of Google images.


So a lot of my family, friends and coworkers who know that I have a book that’s soon to be published at times automatically either or both:

1) Assume that it’ll be a bestseller, or

2) Assume that I want to/ or will make a gazillion dollars and replace everyone who’s ever been the top money- earning author of any fictional work that we know of.

While I absolutely love their enthusiasm for what I’ve written and dream of having writing as my sole career (with the monetary ability to do so), I know the odds. I’m not saying that I won’t be able to attain these awesome goals- because I believe what I’ve written is pretty darn decent and entertaining to say the least. I’m saying I’m one hell of a humble individual and that this type of success is not my main focus, not yet anyways.

What I’m saying is- I don’t want to top out right now. I don’t want what I’ve written 2-3 years ago define my whole writing career for now and evermore. I do not want any reviewer offering the pseudo- challenge by saying, “It’ll be hard for Ms. Daniels to complete any story greater than this!” I’d hate that kind of pressure right off the bat, you know?

While that kind of review would definitely help sell the current title that oddly I’ve love nothing more than for every human being (and ape with reading skills) to have read, I don’t want that to be the capstone or ‘Bene Melior Optime’ preceding anything else I may ever decide to put on paper. My mind cannot handle that yet. I’m not yet even fully understanding publishing as a business and authoring as a profession. Up until about two years ago I wasn’t even thinking of publishing anything. You can later thank my friends and co-workers for the encouragement.

For now, I’m a writer. I’m an author. I anxiously apprehensive but wanting everyone to read my work. I’m equally wanting people to actually enjoy it- even if it only gets their attention for a week’s long worth of evening reading. I’ll admit- I’m a novice and I’m excited to be here. I feel honored for you to expend your precious time and I hope at the end, you didn’t feel it was a waste. That’s about all there is to it. I feel like an artist at my very core while I’m sitting here punching at these keys, much the same way you do. My goal is sedentary satisfaction with the exception to those that miraculously are able to exercise while reading (I tried it a few times- it didn’t work so I listen to music). You all are who I strive to please.

As soon as the release date to Affliction is known to me- I’ll likely be the woman dressed in an ivory white garb singing from the mountaintop (or highest hill- I’m in Minnesota) hoping for national media coverage from CNN because of what I described above. Can you blame me? 🙂

I dream of being able to sit in a forum like this- with me as the reason. Humbled by the thought. Photo courtesy of Google images.

I dream of being able to sit in a forum like this- with ‘Affliction’ as the reason as the reason. Humbled by the thought. Photo courtesy of Google images.

What Would it Take For You to Be Published?


An opinion request from me. I’ve met all kinds of people here on WordPress. Of course you’re here to blog but I know there are quite a few who aspire to be published one day, be it self or the traditional route. If you’re in the middle of your project or just done with one I’d love to know what your plans are. I’ve met many people who’ve done things either way and they all have produced quality writing to be proud of.

There are a few people I’ve met who write for fun. I’d love to know what it would take for you too to make the decision to publish your work.

This is just for my own curiosity. I have a publisher and have thought about self-publishing as a possibility before I signed on with someone. For my zombie-thriller Affliction, it became eventual that I was just wanting it to be read by any who enjoys the genre. I started off writing for ‘fun’ as an escape from a hectic full time job and full time college courses. For me, it was finally something I had complete control of. Once I started letting friends read it and they enjoyed every chapter as I wrote it, after it was complete- it was then I decided to push forward to find an agent or publisher. It took about 13 queries before someone said ‘yes’. My advice to any one early in my writing career would be that it’s truly a crap- shoot to find an agent or publisher. I would also say that rejection is not the judge of your writing capabilities- plain and simple.

Of course I’ll expand more into how I signed with a publisher at a later time but I really want to hear from you. What would it take?