What a Beautiful World…

Until I watch any news/media source…


It’s been awhile but a busy life has a way of moving things around. I have a favorite song of mine in mind (hint: IGY) so I’ll go ahead and leave it here for your listening pleasure. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do every time I hear it ūüôā

I hope you haven’t forgotten about me- I’ve missed you all, really. I’ll have some exciting news about the re-release of Affliction here shortly as I work to get things in order. I’m really impressed with the process and will be blogging all about it- especially as I work to release the sequel in 2017. Being an Indie author is absolutely empowering! If you’re willing to put the work/effort in- there are no limitations except the ones you place on yourself. That pretty much goes with anything.

If you haven’t signed up to get on my email list already, I highly recommend it because I’ll be focusing most of my energy toward communications/ giveaways about Affliction through that method of media- plus my emails will be both few and to the point. I’m thinking t-shirts, books, mugs are a good starting point, what do you think?




Dying to Write


I just realized that right now we’re more than halfway through September already.

I hate when that happens.

It’s out of our hands, the flowing of time. The only thing we can do is enjoy it while we have it. Some choose to enjoy it while others choose to wish it passes through quickly. Time will be time.

As time relates to me, I specifically am wishing I could just write with whatever I have left in my day. I feel like it’s a privilege whenever I’m able and allowed to just focus on that task. I can’t tell you how often I’m¬†somewhere and I think of something neat for a short story or a longer story and can’t indulge because something else requires my attention. I then, am able to just jot notes down and hope that the quality can carry itself¬†until I’m able to focus on it- the idea,¬†in its entirety.

I’m¬†the only one able to make a name for myself. I’ll always bring my true self to the table whenever its time…

Just give me the time.


Satisfied (or Not)

Image courtesy of Google Images.

Courtesy of Google Images.


I’m sitting here trying to be as productive as possible with my self-allotted social media time. I’m doing my best to read through my Facebook, Twitter and WordPress feeds to get a sense of how my friends in the writing/blogging world are doing. I tried to read through the local news but I couldn’t get past the murder-suicide that left two adults and three children dead. I said a quick prayer and closed out that screen. At the time, there was too much speculation and it was too depressing for me…

Life is precious.

Courtesy of Google Images.

Courtesy of Google Images.

I got to reading about what was going on elsewhere and like the title of the post suggests; I’m wondering if humans are built to ever truly be satisfied? Not as in hunger or sex, both of which are primal and short-lived anyway- but generally in every other aspect. Thanks to things like¬†Facebook, we all hear about people being pleased with what may be going in their lives currently and especially with different achievements-¬†but there is always something else attached to them that suggests they’re aiming for better/higher/more. My little side theory is that the folks that post the most about their¬†‘satisfactions’ are the ones who are truly the most un-satisfied, but anyways- that’s for another post…

What do you think? Is satisfaction ever possible or shall we petition to have the word banned from use in the English/Spanish/Arabic/French/Farsi/German language?

Courtesy of Google Images.

Courtesy of Google Images.

Affliction: What Can I Expect?

It is reality! (2015, image by D. Daniels)

It is reality! (2015, image by D. Daniels)


It’s almost here and available for pre-order! The picture above is the proof-copy I received in the mail a few days ago. I was beyond elated and ready to shoot for the moon when I finally held it in my hands. If you’ve read this far, you may be wondering what you’ll be reading about if you decide to buy it. Of course I’m not going to tell you what happens here, but I’ll certainly give you the scoop just like I described to my family, friends and co-workers.

It’s about ZOMBIES.

You know, those undead things that have currently been on cable (AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead which premiers in October). Those things whose make-up and special effects in addition to its storyline gives some of the die hard fans something to talk about on Monday. It’s therapeutic, really. For one, that’s what my book- Affliction¬†is about: Those undead things.

I wrote Affliction as if I were trying¬†to buy it or sell it to¬†myself,¬†therefore…

You won’t have to read 20 or 30 pages in order¬†for it¬†to grab your attention. I¬†absolutely pass on most books that take up more than one night of reading before I’m likely to say, “okay, I like this.” My time is too precious and I would’ve¬†ended up¬†bored writing it and¬†thus wouldn’t have made it to the point where it’s something you can purchase today.

You can also expect¬†elements¬†from a lot of different genres. When I was originally trying to classify what Affliction was genre-wise I was never¬†truly impressed with any one official, or trusted definition to label it with. Sure there’s zombies¬†so of course, it’s horror but there’s also strong elements of¬†mystery, drama and adventure along with science fiction. There’s a tiny bit of romance that’s not overly-vulgar¬†but it fits into the storyline. I felt it was unfair to categorize it into only one or two genres. I mean seriously, I feel it could be as exclusionary as¬†women’s literature based on just viewpoint alone but enough of everything else I mentioned that male zombie-aficionados¬†should not feel weird reading it. It’s a little bit of everything.

Read Affliction and you’ll see why.

Lastly, I definitely leave room for more. Yes, Affliction will be the first¬†in a series. Perhaps it’ll be three or four books, maybe only two. I’m still in the process of figuring our how in-depth I’d like the story to be. I’m 70% done with the 2nd (untitled) book but I promise the same multi genred-ness as before.

Ultimately my goals for Affliction is to please both the reader who is already familiar with the genre as well as to grab the attentions of a few new readers who otherwise wouldn’t bother with zombie literature in the first place.¬†The fact that my lead character is a bi-racial¬†woman may be the first that has ever occurred with the zombie market. One zombie novel grabbed my attention and turned me into a happy fan. I’m hoping to do the same for someone else. At the least bit, I want readers who are already fans of the genre to say, “It wasn’t a waste of time.” If I can get that much. I’ll be a happy author.

Affliction is available¬†for pre-order and soon to be released at both my publisher’s website and Amazon. The links are below:

DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C¬†¬†¬† <——- (40% OFF LIST PRICE IS THE CURRENT PROMO!)

Amazon Bookstore

Birthing Affliction

Affliction by Dottie Daniels. Published by DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C (2015)

Affliction by Dottie Daniels. Published by DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C (2015)


I hope you all had a great weekend. For many they’re extra sweet and savory because in the Midwest and northern regions of the United States- these nice, warm weekends are numbered. Anything nice going into mid-Fall is lucky. My sign that winter around me is likely to be brutal is due to the number of yellow-jackets in my neighbor/surrounding cities being extra aggressive and large in number.

Anyways, I received my first copy of Affliction in the mail on Friday. It was surreal. I mean, I dreamt about it a few days before but I had to double-check and make sure I wasn’t still dreaming! I’ve been telling all my Facebook buddies, Twitter buddies and family and friends. Everyone has been so supportive! I’m so thankful. Now I want to tell you all. You’re my people too. Affliction is probably at it’s lowest price at my publisher so be sure and order now before the sale ends.

It’s been a long process from the first time I opened my laptop back in 2010 and began to write what is now in my hands in physical form, complete with cover. I tell people it’s been a¬†learning process¬†since I created¬†the Word file and used Google Earth to go to the story’s location (Pennsylvania) to find out how to enact the best¬†symptoms of an actual¬†zombie virus to actually finishing it¬†and then¬†go on to find¬†a publisher and so on. I’ve become a one-woman marketing team, trying to find out everything I need to know to make Affliction known and accessible to every person who may be interested. Some things I understand about that process while others I will have to wait for further clarification.

In short, the ‘authorship’ process really grows a person more¬†than what I’ve expected. It’s given me something to dedicate myself to. I’ve become a better person because of it. I’ve fallen in love with writing.

Affliction is due out September 15th.

You can check out my various other social media outlets here:

Twitter:     @AuthorDottie

Facebook: Author Dottie Daniels

Will You Catch an Affliction This Fall?


I’m not referring to something you can get a flu shot, prophylactically. I’m not talking about avoiding public places and spaces, riddled with germs and fingerprints due to the lack of proper housekeeping. I’m referring to my creation, my artistic baby- if you will.

This baby:

Affliction by Dottie Daniels. Published by DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C (2015)

Affliction by Dottie Daniels. Published by DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C (2015)

I started writing Affliction back in 2010 as a means to avoid losing my sanity. Honestly, that was the kick-starter.¬†While¬†taking college courses full-time at a private, catholic school and¬†working nights at a hospital- I needed a release. I had no idea what I would write, I just started writing. I felt I had control of my writing more so than¬†any other aspect of my life so I took whatever time I had left and invested it. It may have only been 20 or 30 minutes at a time,¬†in between¬†psychology, biology¬†and chemistry courses but I took that time and placed it. It’s amazing how creative one can become; how the urge to create can then¬†supercede the urge to sleep or continue one’s own usual social life- no matter how sparingly that opportunity is. There is a lesson there. Go for what you want.

The year 2012 comes, it’s October¬†and what began as a short¬†story, evolved more into what you’ll be able to read now. I found a publisher after 12 rejections and a no-response after researching queries under the advice of my co-workers who read what I created and liked what they saw.

I bring that to you now.

It’s my first effort, my very first. It’s indeed like a baby you raise with the intentions of doing the best you can the whole time¬†and then setting it off unto the world for it to gain it’s own experience…. I am the parent, lol.

I’ve learned an important lesson though. I’ve learned that I can fall in love with writing which includes the painful re-reads, edits, research and total submersion/submission into the topic entails. I’ve learned what the guilt of not writing for a few weeks at a time is like. I’ve learned the desire to write that comes along with it. I’ll learn a few lessons more about the business side of writing- particularly the business of letting people know that my writing exists. I see it not as a competition similar to Ford and Chrysler competing for¬†the business of one car/SUV per household. I see it as something more unique than that but yet simpler because there is plenty of room for books on one’s bookshelf. I have to let you know that I exist. The decision to buy into the experience is up to you. Affliction is here and unlike the flu I hope you decide to catch it. ūüôā

Long live the zombie! Photo courtesy of Google images.

Long live the zombie! Photo courtesy of Google images.

My Writing Muse is a Painful One

Image courtesy of Google images.

Image courtesy of Google images.


I’m already wishing you all a pleasant and fun weekend because I know you need it. Seriously, the last 5 people I’ve talked to; co-workers, friends and¬†random strangers- have all discussed in some form or another how they are being pulled in 20 different directions. Time to nix the superman/superwoman complex for a couple days, right?

I too, feel this way¬†mostly¬†all the time. Trying to be the perfect person (or the least conflict-ridden) in the form of daughter, girlfriend, employee, pet-owner and overall human being¬†and frankly it’s a large slice of pie to digest. I’m not one to always take the highroad and avoid conflict but generally I’d say I do my best to use the power¬†of intuition and foresight to predict behaviors and circumstances based on patterns- what I already know and have experienced with most things.

I’ll admit though, it wears me the hell out.

Fortunately, that brings me to the relevance of the title of this post, ‘My Writing Muse’

Unfortunately, I feel less motivation to write and pursue without the pains and strains of being generally over-worked. On a nice day, I feel like relaxing and enjoying a lesser amount of activity, whereas on the days I’m being¬†pulled in several directions with an ongoing and ever-changing¬†to-do list-¬†it takes little effort to be creative and the desire to write or read literature is overwhelming to the point where I’m writing things on a scratch piece of paper to¬†go in-depth later once I have the time.

It really is something to figure out.

The good news is, I got done reading over and editing my novel, Affliction for the last time and sent it back to my publisher last night. I was up until 430am reading because I wanted it done that day and no later. More to come on that, for sure. Again, I hope everyone of you has a great weekend and I hope this mid-August weekend puts a smile on your face.

Courtesy of Google images.

Courtesy of Google images.