Power in the Multi-tasking Mind


There are times when through example, I’m able to believe without a doubt- the mind is truly capable of achieving many tasks at once. There are days when I’d swear getting through one little thing takes up the mental energy of 2 of me. Then again, like the past few days there are times where my mind has gone to a thousand places, had one hundred ideas and have solved at least 10 different issues and I’m figuratively standing on home plate, bat in hand- ready to knock the next one out of the park (again).

Why such an ebb and flow?

Why can’t I have a moderate amount of willpower and productive brain energy to help me everyday? Why do I have to feel like Hercules in the head just to feel on top of my game? While I’m not referring to anything on the scale of being bi-polar with its trademark manic highs and depressive lows, I’m speaking about the tendencies and timing we as humans have to experience our optimal brain power.

In the meanwhile…

This is a wave I plan on riding out until it dries up and I find myself complaining about the lack thereof. For now, I’ll be doing a ton of brainstorming/writing for my 2nd novel, enjoying the ability to not need to write down a list for much of anything, helping to troubleshoot and problem solve for both menial and complicated tasks around the house and enjoying the complexities/problem solving that my mind often leads me to while I’m in a dream state (because oh, I love to take naps!)

Here’s to you being at your best, mentally! The same power I believe that is at its best right now for me, I sincerely hope is within you, too. God knows we need some form of control in our hectic and problem-centric lives. The least we can experience is the ability to fix them all, right?