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Exploring the nuts and bolts of keeping one’s WP site functional and modern. (Image courtesy of Google)


I know that in the grand scheme of things in the technical world, I don’t know much at all. Truth be told, I wish I was about 10 years younger just so that naturally I’d have the aptitude to be able to understand some of the technological things that baffle me as of now.

What exactly can my computer do?

It’s almost midnight and I’m trying to tell myself after an hour of trying to modernize my WordPress site that most people are probably confused as well doing this very thing. My attempts to ‘modernize’ include linking my Facebook author page to WordPress and Twitter to mainstream everything so that I’ll be able to send mass emails to people that are interested. I added a few widgets (and discovered I don’t really like the name ‘widget’) to help the modernization. Hopefully you’ve seen the invite to signup for my email list because I hope to better inform those who are interested and hold contests and giveaways once I get my ‘shit’ together and Affliction is published.

I dream of giveaways for Afflction: branded t-shirts, mugs, pencils- you name it. I’ve even thought about tagging a few pigeons for advertising. I’ll feed them too, don’t worry. ūüôā

I’m doing this all on my own because I’m independent now. I like being independent.

I’m also ready to bang my head against the wall but I’m glad I’m doing this all on my own because I can and because I don’t want to suffer the defeat of being in my thirties and the natural abilities I had with Windows XP doesn’t mean squat right now… I’m starting to fossilize, I can feel it.

Anyways, I do hope you sign up for my email list- as it states, I promise not to sell your email to anyone and I’ll definitely not bother you unless I feel it’s something you can benefit from because I, too am among many email lists that I hope won’t abuse the privilege.

Happy Sunday to you!

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Missed Opportunities


Just thought I’d check in and say hello to you all. I hope your blogs and internet lives have been well these past days. As for me, I’ve been working (hard) at my ‘day’ job and trying to muster whatever energy that’s left of the day to continue writing my 2nd novel- as well as prepare for Affliction. My publisher has assured me that within the next week the ARC (advance reader copy) should be ready. I’ve been using my free time to look¬†up various book reviewers so that I might approach them about a review (more on that later because if you’d like to do a review- I’d be¬†overjoyed to let you do so).

In other words: I’m trying not to freak out about¬†my dreams of a book release finally¬†becoming true.

I want the best for my Affliction (ha ha). I want¬†everything to emerge ‘A-Okay’ so that when I do the inevitable and look back¬†to reflect, the regret list will be superbly short. I have¬†had friends in the past read it and tell me how nice of a book it is and it floors me that they think of it¬†as such. I’m still truly humbled that I could possibly¬†entertain someone with a book.¬†Not that I’m saying my writing is horrible or anything- I’m just amazed by the kindness I’ve received thus far¬†as a result of it.

Well, moving on…

The title of my blog indeed suggests¬†the topic of something missed. Today as it relates to me,¬†I passed up the opportunity for¬†a job interview for what would be a lateral¬†move to another hospital doing a similar job. This is just¬†for now anyway because instead of¬†moving to a new environment to do basically the¬†same job duties- I’d rather stay where I am and put more focus on the possibilities of becoming an author, full-time¬†(one can dream, right?). The spirit of entrepreneurship is on me in a way that’ll make a jockey at the Kentucky Derby¬†a little jealous.¬† If I could put forth half of the energy I put forth in my paid work toward my own authorship- it’d make for an awesome experience for myself and any reading audience. I’m sure other writers that have day jobs feel the same way. In that subject, you guys are like my brothers and sisters. I say we keep moving forward to our dreams.

I ask you now. What opportunities have you missed out on that you’d like to tell me about?¬†Do you feel better off or worse because of it?

I might as well be sitting across from you at coffee table having this discussion because I am curious. ūüôā

Over 150 Followers & Counting…

Photo courtesy of Google images.

Photo courtesy of Google images.


I once¬†thought I would never be one of those bloggers who’d¬†keep updating everyone every time I hit a certain number of followers. Seriously,¬†that bothers me. However, I feel most times (especially right at this moment)¬†that blogging isn’t just about me doing a particular task¬†with that being¬†all that counts. Sure, I¬†type stuff into my laptop (that by now, thanks to WP- cannot live without) and I send it out to the world¬†to whomever decides to give my subject matter the time of day. Now that I’ve been blogging for a few months, I feel there’s more to it.

Thinking about¬†this interaction¬†right now brings me¬†a certain level of profound happiness.¬†It brings me joy because as I mentioned before- every time I get notified of a new follower- it gives me the opportunity to take a peek into their blogging experience (and life, if they’ve posted as much). Since I do this often, pretty much everyone stands out to me in a unique and individual way. After reading through some of your blogs (and following them also because I love updates) I feel like I’ve had the equivalent of a chat over coffee (or soda- cause I don’t drink coffee… or better yet, beer!) has taken place and again I feel better about mankind as we exist in the world. ‘We all want to make it, we all just want to be happy’– is the universal theme that resonates among WP, regardless of location.

Tonight I’m still appreciative of you all and I’ll probably never stop being so.¬†I’m still in love with your opinions and experiences as we try to go about this life we live.¬†Thanks and keep it coming! ūüôā

Photo courtesy of Google images.

Photo courtesy of Google images.

Over 1000 views!?!


Seriously? Wow. That’s all I can say right now. I know that doesn’t equate to 1000 followers but the fact that someone, anyone may have bothered to come to my site more than once without acquiring nausea and an allergy definitely gets some amount of awe from me… Just saying. This is coming from a girl who’s spent the last 3 lunch breaks at work¬†watching The Silver Linings Playbook so yes I’m especially mental right now after watching Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence try to one-up each other for the top spot of most mentally displaced. It’s a cute movie and I recommend anyone check it out especially if they want to feel better about their own social-related disorder (e.g. anxiety, depression, bi-polar, fugue state). Seriously, if any of those apply to you- you’ll definitely enjoy their rendition of these.

For now, I smile still and appreciate the view count and perhaps multiple expenditures of time made by each individual. For that I applaud you. Thanks, I hope to bring you more interesting reading. ūüôā

Collectively this is me, for you. No kidding, Thanks :) Photo courtesy of Google images.

Collectively this is me, for you. No kidding, Thanks ūüôā Photo courtesy of Google images.

What Would it Take For You to Be Published?


An opinion request from me. I’ve met all kinds of people here on WordPress.¬†Of course you’re here to blog but I know there are quite a few who aspire to be published one day, be it self or¬†the traditional route. If you’re in the middle of your project or just done with one I’d love to know what your plans are. I’ve met many people who’ve done things either way and they all have produced quality writing to be proud of.

There are a few people I’ve met who¬†write for fun. I’d love to know what it would take for you too to make the decision to publish your work.

This is just for my own curiosity. I have a publisher and have thought about self-publishing as a possibility before I signed on with someone.¬†For my¬†zombie-thriller Affliction, it became eventual¬†that I was just wanting it to be read by any who enjoys the genre. I started off writing for ‘fun’ as an escape from a hectic full time job and full time college courses.¬†For me, it was finally something I had complete control of. Once I started letting friends read it and they enjoyed every chapter as I wrote it, after it was complete-¬†it was then I decided to push forward to find an agent or publisher. It took about 13¬†queries before someone said¬†‘yes’. My advice to any one early in my writing career would be that it’s truly a crap- shoot to find an agent or publisher. I would also¬†say that rejection is not the judge of your writing capabilities- plain and simple.

Of course I’ll expand more¬†into¬†how I signed with a publisher¬†at a later time but I¬†really want to hear from you. What would it take?

The Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Done

Courtesy of Google images.

Courtesy of Google images.


Most people who know me understand that I’m not a risk taker. I’m the one out of the group of friends who’s always calculating the odds on any chance one would take for just about anything. For that, I’ve pretty much earned the title of ‘Most Reserved’.

I wasn’t always like that.

While I’m not sure that what I’m about to tell you is exactly the craziest thing I’ve ever done, I can tell you it’s the craziest thing I remember. I stand here in my thirties with plenty of memories (and forgotten ones) and a decade under my belt of being in my¬†twenties.

Let’s just say that somewhere in an old box or junk drawer where one would keep their old cell phones¬†I’d like to think there’s still several photos of me and about 7 other girls, topless (who’d want that to end up in a landfill, right?). Me and several co-workers decided to go to a local Tiki-themed bar to celebrate¬†one of their birthdays. It was a¬†warm September evening and the drinks were flowing, tiki candles lit- the ambiance was totally there. Among the other patrons were a group of guys having a bachelor party and handing out beads to different ladies in exchange for sexy poses and whatnot¬†throughout the¬†time we were there. It was totally cool.

We were all getting drunker, they were all getting drunker.

Before they¬†knew it, they were down to the last beaded necklace. Somewhere in the bachelor manual¬†it must read that the stakes are now much higher. They were now flirting with a group of girls within my hearing range and suddenly they all jumped up and headed to the outside patio area. Me and another coworker picked up on this, got up from our table and followed only to discover they were going to do a ‘best breasts’ contest.

Who’d like to exclude themselves from that challenge? Not this¬†girl.

Before I know it I’m in a line with 7 other girls- tops up, down or off for a complete visual inspection by 5 or 6¬†guys whose names I’d never be able to tell you. All 5 or 6 cellphones of theirs¬†are out¬†and pictures taken to make¬†even Playboy proud of the evening.

Who got the beads?

I guess thinking about it now it wouldn’t matter. That was years ago and we’ve all¬†matured somewhat, right? I’d love to tell you that if the opportunity presented itself again I’d roll my eyes and¬†continue in the company of friends. We only live once. Life is short and it needs to be fun and daring¬†whenever possible.¬†We were young and free and sometimes shirtless- I still turned out okay. I look at those beads every now then as a reminder that it’s okay to be a little inappropriate from time to time. ūüôā

Is there something crazy you’ve done? I’d love to hear about it! (except if it may cause a court subpoena of some sort, then by all means- keep it to yourself)

Someone sure doesn't get cold. Photo courtesy of Google images.

Someone sure doesn’t get cold. Photo courtesy of Google images.

Childhood= Imagination/ Adulthood= Vacation


Are you one of the many people like me that are beginning to notice those days where your whole day is filled with excitement is getting fewer and farther in between? It sure seems that way sometimes. Through maturity, it seems we all learn the gift of enjoying every moment because all things seem to be temporary- good or bad.

Some days though, I want complete excitement and nothing but fun.

I tend to reflect on the days of my childhood where everything seemed like an adventure. If you wanted to be a pirate- congratulations, you¬†then¬†had full control of all the seven seas!¬†A ballerina? No problem- your audience awaited you even though you¬†might’ve been the only one in the room. Our imaginations were more malleable and easily able to transform to grand scenarios and thus within an instant (and for free) we were entertained, often until dinnertime and beyond.

Photo courtesy of Google images.

Photo courtesy of Google images.

As adults we can have similar adventures though oftentimes they cost money and time in the form of vacation requests. I notice now as a yearly cruiser I count down my days at a certain point to when the warm Caribbean breeze saturates my skin and the Sun is in the sky, higher than ever. I live for those days. As a child though, it would be instantaneous and again- completely free.

My mother and I looking at the barracuda farm in the Honduras (2014).

My mother and I looking at the barracuda farm in the Honduras (2014).

There are other more local events I look forward to: the State Fair, sporting events and nights out at different gatherings. Vacations are the best though because we always go to places and do things that are limited to that area and climate (usually warmer). Of course it’s fun but it also satisfies the inner child in me, that need for an adventure.

Are there any vacation spots that are your absolute favorite? What would you recommend?