What I know

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I know that in the grand scheme of things in the technical world, I don’t know much at all. Truth be told, I wish I was about 10 years younger just so that naturally I’d have the aptitude to be able to understand some of the technological things that baffle me as of now.

What exactly can my computer do?

It’s almost midnight and I’m trying to tell myself after an hour of trying to modernize my WordPress site that most people are probably confused as well doing this very thing. My attempts to ‘modernize’ include linking my Facebook author page to WordPress and Twitter to mainstream everything so that I’ll be able to send mass emails to people that are interested. I added a few widgets (and discovered I don’t really like the name ‘widget’) to help the modernization. Hopefully you’ve seen the invite to signup for my email list because I hope to better inform those who are interested and hold contests and giveaways once I get my ‘shit’ together and Affliction is published.

I dream of giveaways for Afflction: branded t-shirts, mugs, pencils- you name it. I’ve even thought about tagging a few pigeons for advertising. I’ll feed them too, don’t worry. ūüôā

I’m doing this all on my own because I’m independent now. I like being independent.

I’m also ready to bang my head against the wall but I’m glad I’m doing this all on my own because I can and because I don’t want to suffer the defeat of being in my thirties and the natural abilities I had with Windows XP doesn’t mean squat right now… I’m starting to fossilize, I can feel it.

Anyways, I do hope you sign up for my email list- as it states, I promise not to sell your email to anyone and I’ll definitely not bother you unless I feel it’s something you can benefit from because I, too am among many email lists that I hope won’t abuse the privilege.

Happy Sunday to you!

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Back in the Swing of Things


Do you think he hit it? Or was it a strike? Hmmm…(courtesy of Google images)


I know it’s been awhile. A little over six months to be exact. I took a small (okay, semi annual in length) break from my blogging activities to hunker down and deal with some things- a storm of events both good and bad. I missed this favorite activity of mine. Trust me, I need to do some serious catching up with what’s been going on in your lives because life does go on and I depend on other bloggers’ perspective about many things. Writers are the best bunch of people.

My beloved pup, Oliver, of twelve and a half years passed away after a lengthy decline in kidney function and hemangiosarcoma (tumor of the spleen) that had evidence it spread to his liver. I’ll have to write more on this later but I’ll suffice to say for now- dealing with this was one of the more painful moments of my life (five weeks, actually). I lost a member of my pack and as you may or may not know, long standing habits take a very long time to adjust away from. He is sorely missed.

I also made the decision to become an independent author in December 2015 and cut my ties fully in January. If there are any other of you authors on the fence about going independent- let me tell you, YOU CAN DO IT. I was with a publisher who pretty much jacked me around for a few years and then basically half-assed a book release. Um yeah, I deserve better. Trust me I’ll be writing more about this in hopes of giving other authors in a similar situation the inspiration and resources they need to continue on their journey to authorship. Fortunately, we live in a post-traditional publishing world (yey!) and there are plenty of ways to get your work out there. Let me reiterate the last part of that statement:

There are plenty of legitimate companies that will help you produce, publish and market your quality work and make it available to the public for purchase and enjoyment.

So on an author note: my novel Affliction will be re-released this Fall in time for the zombie lovers to enjoy it. Affliction is a wonderful story and I dare not ever let any person discourage my writing passion and goals of having it along with the subsequent stories available to the public.

Folks, never let anyone stand in the way of what your God-given talents are. You’ll probably find that you’re in a somewhat miserable state until you’re doing what you’re truly supposed to. That is factual.

That is my theme for 2016 and pretty much the rest of my life.

So with this re-dedication of mine, of sorts, I’m here to raise my hand to say that I’m still present among you and hope that you all have been well. If that isn’t the case I hope that you are doing better. Life is a journey, not a destination. <— don’t quote me on that, I’ve always heard that statement and I want pass it along to you.

Stay tuned.¬† ūüôā

Feel free to check in by commenting below- let me know how you’ve been. I’ll be poking around a few pages, getting back in touch with you too.


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Taking a Stance





Generally I think it’s a great idea to invest your time and energies into entities where you’ll be able to grow and fashion yourself into becoming more knowledgeable, more professional, more- better at your endeavors.

Sometimes you have to say screw it, as I have, and thus step out on your own to see what ‘blessings’ you may earn on your own.

This relates to almost anything.

For me right now- this equates to publishing, particularly my own woes. It’s taken longer than expected to produce my work- through no fault of my own. I thought, no, I believed- with feverish excitement at times that the path I was on would lead to my goals of seeing my work produced in physical, tangible form. I’ve learned that sometimes a path is really just an entrance ramp. From there you can see a view of where you’re trying to go and the actual path to the opportunity to complete your goals lies just ahead.

Sometimes, that entrance ramp has a toll booth in which a cost is involved. For me right now, that cost was time. I’ve spent more than two years on that entrance ramp. It’s not been without waste though. Surely the ‘traffic’ was interesting. I’ve developed and learned a lot about my abilities and I’ve grown to take charge and trust my instinct thus, I’ve prepared myself for the actual road ahead which I can see is quicker, smoother and I’ll get to control the wheel from now on.

I’m not here to rant about what was done wrong to me. I’m here at the recovery phase to encourage anyone else who feels stuck at any point in their lives to figure out where you can take the controls and steer yourself with your own good wisdom. I’ll admit, I almost felt defeated. Then I remembered myself from years ago when I nearly died and I made a promise to stay resilient and never let any individual or entity rob me of my desire to thrive.

More to come on this later, folks.

In the meantime, Happy Halloween!

The Need for Change/Remaining the Same


Have you ever felt the need to want to take off to somewhere new? Not just for a vacation but to be amongst different (positive) people and different (positive) things. Where I live we’re in the middle of our coldest season and part of this feeling I’m having is partially due to cabin fever and the other part is due to mental growth.

It doesn’t help much that at work I’ve had conversations with several (like-minded) co-workers and we’ve agreed that up to 75% of the employees within our department are superficial, manipulative and otherwise ‘unloved’- being that they’ve got serious issues they’ve harbored most of their lives and have cultivated them into monsters. Whereas most adults would try to strive to¬†take positive steps in a good direction, they become emotional vacuums and create¬†issues on a regular basis.

Trust me, it’s messed up. Hopefully you’re fortunate enough to not have a clue about the things I’ve mentioned. I’d like to think I’m in the most mentally obscure region in the planet. I’d like to believe these kind of people do not reside anywhere else.

Anyways, this leads me to wonder about life elsewhere. Not a perfect environment but a stable environment where not just my home life is¬†happy but work and every other¬†daily interaction is likely to be a pleasant one. Life is short as it is and I¬†find it disrespectful¬†to waste time on such unfavorable negativity.¬†I’m dying to stay true to my otherwise generally happy-ole-self but in the process: be around people who are¬†satisfied and accept themselves for the way they are and thus can spend time¬†helping others to live happier, more fulfilling lives.¬†To grow in that manner. This way of living is something I’ve always wanted to be a part of. To remove narcissism and the ‘selfie’ aspect from the ‘consistent’ to ‘rare’ aspect of our lives.

To say that my life is more than about myself. Beyond giving life as in motherhood, but to put life into things.

You’ll have to excuse my ramblings today- ha! Time for me to scoot off to the job (pray for me?).

Can We Love a Little More?


Happy New Years to you. I hope this year brings the opportunity to move yourself in a positive motion, forward. Really- I want this year to be significant¬†for you, in a good way.¬†It’s sad to think this year how many people we’ll lose and memorialize and mourn. It’s sad to think of all of the hurdles and conflict and tribulations and uncertainty and such. We know we’ll likely deal with ailments and illness, perhaps an unfortunate accident that we’ll thankfully get to heal from, otherwise you’ll be mourned and memorialized like I already mentioned. Do take care of yourself and not be afraid to not take risks on behalf of granting yourself a little more longevity. It’s okay.

With the dreadful stuff out of the way… I want to look forward to flowers, and sunny days even though where I live we’re in the beginning of winter. I want to blissful and avoid hatred of most things (I refuse to not hate cancer and tragedy though). I want us all to see and be a part of the upside¬†of life because¬†life is¬†only temporary. I want us all to no longer feel held back by things we cannot control. Make a plan¬†B, C, D, E and when you run out of every alphabet- start with the numbers which are infinite and realize you’re never out of options.¬†I want us all to be respectful of¬†our capabilities and use them¬†to make¬†our lives better and minimize the damage done to others. I want us to be honest with each other- truly. I want every one of us to love more and feel more loved and if you don’t feel you can be¬†these things- I want you to start making those plans. I’ll send my well-wishes to you for that ability.

Love more. Be more. Create more.¬†Enhance your life more.¬†Start with small blessings that’ll lead to larger ones. When you’re able- be an undeniable¬†blessing to others. Random acts of kindness should be at the top of your list this year. It is on mine. I’m looking forward to saving someone’s day.

I trust you already. I know you can do this.

January¬†2015, it’s okay to reboot.

Missed Opportunities


Just thought I’d check in and say hello to you all. I hope your blogs and internet lives have been well these past days. As for me, I’ve been working (hard) at my ‘day’ job and trying to muster whatever energy that’s left of the day to continue writing my 2nd novel- as well as prepare for Affliction. My publisher has assured me that within the next week the ARC (advance reader copy) should be ready. I’ve been using my free time to look¬†up various book reviewers so that I might approach them about a review (more on that later because if you’d like to do a review- I’d be¬†overjoyed to let you do so).

In other words: I’m trying not to freak out about¬†my dreams of a book release finally¬†becoming true.

I want the best for my Affliction (ha ha). I want¬†everything to emerge ‘A-Okay’ so that when I do the inevitable and look back¬†to reflect, the regret list will be superbly short. I have¬†had friends in the past read it and tell me how nice of a book it is and it floors me that they think of it¬†as such. I’m still truly humbled that I could possibly¬†entertain someone with a book.¬†Not that I’m saying my writing is horrible or anything- I’m just amazed by the kindness I’ve received thus far¬†as a result of it.

Well, moving on…

The title of my blog indeed suggests¬†the topic of something missed. Today as it relates to me,¬†I passed up the opportunity for¬†a job interview for what would be a lateral¬†move to another hospital doing a similar job. This is just¬†for now anyway because instead of¬†moving to a new environment to do basically the¬†same job duties- I’d rather stay where I am and put more focus on the possibilities of becoming an author, full-time¬†(one can dream, right?). The spirit of entrepreneurship is on me in a way that’ll make a jockey at the Kentucky Derby¬†a little jealous.¬† If I could put forth half of the energy I put forth in my paid work toward my own authorship- it’d make for an awesome experience for myself and any reading audience. I’m sure other writers that have day jobs feel the same way. In that subject, you guys are like my brothers and sisters. I say we keep moving forward to our dreams.

I ask you now. What opportunities have you missed out on that you’d like to tell me about?¬†Do you feel better off or worse because of it?

I might as well be sitting across from you at coffee table having this discussion because I am curious. ūüôā

How Successful I Would Like to Be (Really)

If you've seen The Lord of the Rings you understand this well! If not, the words are still true. Photo courtesy of Google images.

If you’ve seen The Lord of the Rings you understand this well! If not, the words are still true. Photo courtesy of Google images.


So a lot of my family, friends and coworkers who know that I have a book that’s soon to be published at times¬†automatically either or both:

1) Assume that it’ll be a bestseller, or

2) Assume that I want to/ or will¬†make a gazillion dollars and replace everyone who’s ever been the top money- earning author of any fictional work that we know of.

While I¬†absolutely love their enthusiasm for what I’ve written and dream of having writing as my sole career (with the monetary ability to do so), I know the odds. I’m not saying that I won’t be able to attain these awesome goals- because I believe what I’ve written is pretty darn decent and entertaining to say the least.¬†I’m saying I’m one hell of a humble individual and that this type of success is not my main focus, not yet anyways.

What I’m saying is- I don’t want to top out right now. I don’t want what I’ve written 2-3 years ago define my whole writing career for now and evermore. I do not want any reviewer offering the pseudo- challenge by saying, “It’ll be hard for Ms. Daniels to complete any story greater than this!” I’d hate that kind of pressure right off the bat, you know?

While that kind of review¬†would definitely help sell the current title that oddly I’ve love nothing more than for every human being (and ape with reading skills) to have read, I don’t want that to be the capstone or ‘Bene Melior Optime’ preceding anything else I may ever decide to put on paper. My mind cannot handle that yet. I’m not yet even fully understanding publishing as a business and authoring as a profession. Up until about¬†two years ago I wasn’t even thinking¬†of publishing anything.¬†You can later thank my friends and co-workers for the encouragement.

For now, I’m a writer. I’m an author. I anxiously apprehensive but wanting everyone to read my work. I’m equally wanting people to actually enjoy it- even if it only gets their attention for a¬†week’s long¬†worth of evening reading. I’ll admit- I’m a novice and I’m excited to be here. I feel honored for you to expend your precious time and I hope at the end, you didn’t feel it was a waste. That’s about all there is to it. I feel like an artist at my very core while I’m sitting here punching at these keys, much the same way you do. My goal is sedentary satisfaction with the exception to those that miraculously are able to exercise while reading (I tried it a few times- it didn’t work so I listen to music). You all are who I strive to please.

As soon as the release date to Affliction is known to me- I’ll likely be the woman dressed in an ivory white garb singing from the mountaintop (or highest hill- I’m in Minnesota) hoping for national media coverage from CNN because of what I described above. Can you blame me? ūüôā

I dream of being able to sit in a forum like this- with me as the reason. Humbled by the thought. Photo courtesy of Google images.

I dream of being able to sit in a forum like this- with ‘Affliction’¬†as the reason¬†as the reason. Humbled by the thought. Photo courtesy of Google images.