Showering Habits, Crying Foul

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I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve dabbled in celebrity controversy … and here I find myself doing the ole ‘smh’ (shaking my head) after watching the story on actress Naya Rivera unfold as yesterday her appearance on The View got a few people’s feathers ruffled because she commented how showering multiple times a day is such a, “white people thing.” Apparently Rivera had to return to the show today to issue an apology.

Really people?

She’s been called a ‘racist’, a ‘bitch’ and every other word in the book of name calling since then.

I conclude that if we could get everyone to be so angry and reactive about more important issues- this world would be a better place. Her husband is white. If she were racist toward whites, why would she go so far to date and marry this man only to unleash were supposed racist roots? If she were being racist toward her own ethnic heritages does that mean she spoke so highly of her own multi-racial siblings and parents because she secretly hates them (even attributing her and her sibling’s talent to her parent’s great sex life- another joke, btw)? Does her words really uncover her internal hatred because of the roles she’s seemingly been cast in (you know, the one’s that earn her the hefty paychecks)?

If I can suggest anything, it’s that people need to relax. No one on these talk show circuits is the authority when it comes down to race and cultural practices. What she said was funny and not backed up by any scholarly research or studies. What she said may actually have some truth, in fact, if white people (well the Greeks, actually) can be blamed for our modern day shower practices then great! I’m as thankful for that invention as I am to George Washington Carver for his discovery of the many uses of the peanut and all the folks involved in the process of creating modern day toilet paper. I could probably find myself thanking every ethnicity for some invention or another and just because she mentions the habits of one it doesn’t mean there isn’t any other ethnicity that takes part in it.