What a Beautiful World…

Until I watch any news/media source…


It’s been awhile but a busy life has a way of moving things around. I have a favorite song of mine in mind (hint: IGY) so I’ll go ahead and leave it here for your listening pleasure. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do every time I hear it ūüôā

I hope you haven’t forgotten about me- I’ve missed you all, really. I’ll have some exciting news about the re-release of Affliction here shortly as I work to get things in order. I’m really impressed with the process and will be blogging all about it- especially as I work to release the sequel in 2017. Being an Indie author is absolutely empowering! If you’re willing to put the work/effort in- there are no limitations except the ones you place on yourself. That pretty much goes with anything.

If you haven’t signed up to get on my email list already, I highly recommend it because I’ll be focusing most of my energy toward communications/ giveaways about Affliction through that method of media- plus my emails will be both few and to the point. I’m thinking t-shirts, books, mugs are a good starting point, what do you think?





Photo courtesy of Google images.

Photo courtesy of Google images.


Okay, I’ll admit it- up until about three months ago I thought it was something akin to a job title. Seriously, I think this is the century from acronyms. They are everywhere.

Here’s me at Jeopardy:

Trebek: SEO?

     Me: What is a Super Executive Officer which   supercedes the CEO?

After taking five minutes to Google and go more into detail¬†on the subject of¬†Search Engine Optimization¬†I decided I’d rather take¬†Organic Chemistry again-¬†this time in German because I’m sure I’d understand that¬†much better than I understand the algorithms that are used¬†in order to get more traffic to a site.

But alas, I’m an author and in order to get more people to have the chance to buy my zombie thriller, Affliction which is due out this Fall through DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C- I’m going to have to embrace the things I don’t yet understand and push forward to conquer them. I’m suited up, pen and paper in hand for notes- just like I was in Organic Chem.

By the way, I’m totally stoked (in my Matthew McConaughey voice) about my book Affliction! If you know my story¬†you’d understand how big of an accomplishment this is for me¬†and how I’m eager for the world¬†beyond my circle of friends to read it!¬†¬†Check it out here:

http://www.donnaink.org/#!product/prd15/2520287291/affliction%2C-by-dottie-daniels—mn¬† Affliction

Picture courtesy of Google images.

Picture courtesy of Google images.