My Writing Muse is a Painful One

Image courtesy of Google images.

Image courtesy of Google images.


I’m already wishing you all a pleasant and fun weekend because I know you need it. Seriously, the last 5 people I’ve talked to; co-workers, friends and random strangers- have all discussed in some form or another how they are being pulled in 20 different directions. Time to nix the superman/superwoman complex for a couple days, right?

I too, feel this way mostly all the time. Trying to be the perfect person (or the least conflict-ridden) in the form of daughter, girlfriend, employee, pet-owner and overall human being and frankly it’s a large slice of pie to digest. I’m not one to always take the highroad and avoid conflict but generally I’d say I do my best to use the power of intuition and foresight to predict behaviors and circumstances based on patterns- what I already know and have experienced with most things.

I’ll admit though, it wears me the hell out.

Fortunately, that brings me to the relevance of the title of this post, ‘My Writing Muse’

Unfortunately, I feel less motivation to write and pursue without the pains and strains of being generally over-worked. On a nice day, I feel like relaxing and enjoying a lesser amount of activity, whereas on the days I’m being pulled in several directions with an ongoing and ever-changing to-do list- it takes little effort to be creative and the desire to write or read literature is overwhelming to the point where I’m writing things on a scratch piece of paper to go in-depth later once I have the time.

It really is something to figure out.

The good news is, I got done reading over and editing my novel, Affliction for the last time and sent it back to my publisher last night. I was up until 430am reading because I wanted it done that day and no later. More to come on that, for sure. Again, I hope everyone of you has a great weekend and I hope this mid-August weekend puts a smile on your face.

Courtesy of Google images.

Courtesy of Google images.




Anticipation is the most anxiety producing thing I know of. It’s the stuff dreams are made of. The very catalyst of desire and ownership is built upon the fabric of those moments before thing come into fruition.

It should be classified as some energy force.

I sit here waiting patiently for my novel to be released. No, not even released but some figment of a release date and I ball my fingers in anticipation for the ready so I can play the part of the author that I’m so needing to play in order for the world to know my work is ready for their enjoyment.

I was told by my publisher soon.

I know it’s a long process and other author need their chance. I just need mine as well. Thank God we aren’t selling houses and cars and the fact that folks can buy more than one or two or three- which leaves the market wide open and less of a rat-race. Thank the literary Gods  for that.

Thank God for blogging to keep me satisfied until the moments when the public has access to my storytelling work in that capacity.

Thank God also for the passage of time and the ability to acknowledge when that time has arrived.

The Best Advice and Sayings


I don’t know what prompted me to write about this. I’m often able to recall pieces of advice whenever I know I’m about to encounter a stressful situation, or whenever a friend needs to hear something helpful to get them through the day. It’s kind of an additional upgrade to the ‘bullshit detector’ we’re born with (couldn’t find another more- fitting phrase).

Some days we find ourselves in the proverbial barn.

Facing reality and being able to deal with problems and hurdles without being stripped of your dignity and will takes time and sadly, real world experience and life is nothing if we do not hold on to the more light-shedding passages that stand the tests of time. While I’m not sure where these sayings come from, here’s a few I can immediately think of:

“All that glitters is not gold” – Definitely true. Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a tribe, deep in the Amazon forest that has forsaken electricity and every other modern amenity, you know we live in the days of instant gratification. There are a ton of people who just want to acquire ‘stuff’ because it’ll make them feel better than the rest of the world. These people are liars. They are in their own little competition- which they should be left to compete in by themselves. It doesn’t take a psychiatrist to see the root causes of their materialism and competitive lifestyle. Nine times out of ten they’ll have more problems and faults than you could write down in an hour-long session. People like this use their possessions as a distraction. They’ll make you feel like their relationships are the best things in the world when they’re just the opposite.

 “If you can lay next to them, I can walk past them” – I’ve said this many times throughout the last decade or so. It applies to relationships in general and is the best way to state your neutrality regarding the mates people acquire throughout the years. It’s how I feel about the match-ups of personalities, sexualities and most other aspects when it comes to couples. It’s not my business to give approval or reject anyone. If they make you happy- I’m happy. If not, then it’s totally your problem.

“No man is an island” – This one probably has the most meaning for me because I tend to be a loner (see my related posts). I love me some peace and quiet but beyond that I’ve come to realize that I can 100% depend on me. I’ve said before that I believe most writers are solitary people or have more solitary aspects of their personality. We need to be in our heads more than the general population, we utilize introspect and that requires nothing more than ourselves and our perception. This saying often resurfaces for me because I often forget to ask for help when I need it- for even the smallest of reasons.

“Hunting ain’t no fun when the rabbit’s got the gun” – This one’s all about the underdog achieving success with something. Sometimes others (the man, whomever) gets too comfortable with power or their authority. Most often this saying is for when the good guys get to prevail. Always makes people around me laugh whenever I say this one.

Those are just a couple that I can come up with that were shared with me from wise minds. Are there any wise sayings you live by that you’d like to share? Go ahead and comment!

Courtesy of Google images.

Courtesy of Google images.