The Jury (In My Mind) is In, I Will Now Do Book Reviews!

Photo courtesy of Google images- but I still would like to review your title!

Photo courtesy of Google images- but I still would like to review your title!


After doing some thinking over the last few days (and a lot of Google searches on the subject) I have chosen to take on this lovely task. Why? Because as several prior comments have pointed out, the world could always use more book reviewers. 

I am a writer, though I work full time at a hospital- I enjoy reading too. I prefer this method of entertainment more so than I enjoy TV/movies. I believe I’m qualified through my reading experience (the audience another writer would want to appeal to the most) but I also have experience writing as I’ve completed my first novel, Affliction due out this fall ( and I’m currently working on the sequel (50% complete).

The kind of topics I’d like to review for content (not grammar editing) would vary. I’m not particular to any kind of reading- just as long as it’s good reading and I’m more enlightened or entertained on the subject than I was before I knew it existed. I would probably cover 1 book per week and I’d be willing to let you know the 3 following things:

      -What I like about the story you’re telling.

      -What I don’t like about the story you’re telling (is there room for improvement from a reader’s perspective).

      -Would I recommend this title to someone else (I have a big mouth when it comes this kind of stuff!)

My goal here is not to bash unnecessarily. I give great advice and I’m willing to take the time out of my life to do this for complete strangers for free.

I’d like to grow my audience so that’s the return I’m getting. Nothing more. I’ll be willing to post these reviews to my friends on Twitter, Facebook and here on WP on this blog- combined with over 2500 people and growing and to other formats as I develop them. I believe that books are not as competitive as cars and homes; people can buy more than one or two at a time!

The formats I’d be willing to accept?

I’d love an ARC (advanced reader copy) but I realize that’s not always possible so an Adobe Reader version may just work out. I’d prefer individuals who are currently signed with a publisher but for now I will keep self published folks in mind. Show me what you’ve got! 

If you’re interested in my opinion please email me at:   

Any questions? Comments? Let me know here in the comments section. I’ll gladly revise this as I go along. I look forward to hearing from you!

Photo courtesy of Google images.

Photo courtesy of Google images.



Book Reviews (Should I do them?)


An interesting proposal came across my mind today. Maybe I should do book reviews. There seems to be a vast amount of reviewers on WP but many of them were either backlogged for months, worked in very specific genres or had very stringent requests that made them appear to automatically hate a person’s title before they actually made arrangements to have it read.

I’ve taken many writing-intensive courses, including creative writing and in class several people always approached me to get my opinion on their essays and poems and whatnot. Hey, I’m not a professor but I’d gladly read over someone’s novel and give a review based on content and storyline. I’d gladly do light editing BUT my grammar proficiency tends to change as does the day.  After editing my own works in progress on some days it looks as if I barely passed any writing course. Other days, I could teach English Writing. 

What do you all think? Does the world need another book reviewer?   

Photo courtesy of Google images

Photo courtesy of Google images

The Ending of August….

It starts off slow a few leaves here and there but then soon, yellow is everywhere. Photo courtesy of Google images.

It starts off slow- a few leaves here and there but then soon, yellow and red is everywhere. Photo courtesy of Google images.


This month flew by almost as fast as the planes go over my house to make their final approach to MSP.

At least they have a purpose in getting somewhere that fast.

If I could talk to mother nature (I mean more like if she would listen to me), my subject would be about why she reacts so quickly to the changing of the seasons- particularly summer to fall where I live. Forget the science of it all, it’s devastating to many I know about how things can be so pleasant and within a short time the meteorologist starts mumblings about frost and so on. Due to my location all it takes are a few nights around the 50 degree mark and the trees start getting all wacky yellow and then bare. Personally, I get the taste for homemade apple pie and more foods cooked via the oven.

Is there any food you crave when the season changes into fall? Are you lucky enough to be located where fall and winter aren’t so fierce?

Photo courtesy of Google images

Photo courtesy of Google images


Admiring What’s Around You

Oliver taking me on a walk!


This is not one of those ‘A-ha!’ moment posts because I know we’re all wise enough to take the time out of our busy lives and just breathe a second. This is one of those posts to honor what we’ve (hopefully) always have done or have learned to do at some point. No need for the valuable lesson intervention here.

I’m in Minneapolis and if you’re anywhere nearby you know the kind of day I’m talking about. It’s nothing but sunshine, temps in the 70’s and low humidity or in other words b-e-a-utiful outside. Today’s my day off from work and it started off as quite the otherwise. An 8am phone call from my mother’s work telling me to meet them at the hospital because she had a glass partition fall and hit her in the face and she bleeding profusely. Frantic. Two hours later after being stitched up we’re back home and thankful as ever because of the “could’ve beens” were nothing short of devastating.  

While Mom rested I took my dog on a walk (hence the picture above) and while I was thankful for everything I saw there, I was innately thankful for everything I am and I’ve seen today, yesterday and lest I forget, tomorrow. Hopefully you’ll take the time today and be thankful for what’s around you, too.

There’s nothing like a walk by the lake.

Something for the Loners


photo courtesy of Google images

photo courtesy of Google images


It’s Friday night. People told you about events that were going on this evening- they maybe even invited you along in the off chance you’d show up. They know better. 

You’re not alone.

You may be physically alone most times but there are thousands, perhaps millions of people who are just like you- just like me who often take pleasure in solitude. I’m not talking about being a total hermit that lives off in the mountains without the Google-able (new word?) address. Nor am I referring to the folks who recoil into solitude due to a breakup or some bout of clinical depression (if that’s the case- please seek the help you need). Those reasons are not really the best definition of a loner.

My definition is one of a person who actually prefers solitude. They have friends and family they regularly communicate with, they may even work with masses of people but when the day comes to a close, after all that noise and talking and listening and problem solving is done- they are completely satisfied with the silence and quiet that awaits them later on. They prefer it to be like that all day long in the first place. Days off are filled with solitary activities and you may even avoid crowds and larger population- related activities.   

There was a book I read, that clears the air on what it’s like to prefer solitude. It’s called Party of One: The Loner’s Manifesto by Anneli Rufus. She does a good job explaining her perspective as to why loners are often labeled misfits, deviants, psychopaths and others (hint: which is primarily due to societal expectations). Writers are often the loner types. I discovered that when I suddenly fell into my passion for writing years ago and found myself anxiously awaiting the time to go home so I could write scenarios for my novel. Even in the midst of working and going to school full time I always had the desire to stay up an extra hour and type away. Part of it was because I was an eager author but mostly because it was an activity that I could focus on 100% without the need to interact much with others. It’s not that I’m rude or grumpy whenever I do have to interact with people which is often in my line of work. It’s just that I severely prefer one method of being over another. After reading this manifesto of sorts I became even more confident in my loneliness and there’s nothing wrong with it. In fact there are many others who by choice choose to go places and do activities on a solo basis.

Are you a loner? Do you agree or disagree? 

A Couple Hundred Books

Photo courtesy of Google images

I have at least that many.

I’ve owned perhaps at least a thousand but there’s a rule in our house- designed specifically for me, that I cannot continue to accumulate massive amounts of books. The ones I read from now on, unless there’s something profound I must donate them or give them to someone else I know. After all, books are meant to be read. For 90% of them I’ve done just that. These are mostly pop culture, autobiographies, Eastern Religious/ Philosophy and anything zombie related. I read those within one week of purchase. The other 10% I’ve promised myself I’d read once I have the free time or perhaps when I win the lotto and can pursue a life of leisure.

Reminder to self: I have to actually play the lottery. That 10% is for the reading I ‘ll do while I sip mojitos on my yacht.

Here’s where I’ll read. Photo courtesy of Google images.

I believe the fascination over reading is quite usual for the average adult human being. I know plenty of people who consistently read at least one book every couple of days. Those are folks that any author would appreciate! Sooner or later they’ll read yours and if they like it they buy more. I both appreciate and envy them because they’ll choose a book/novel over the TV and computer any day.   

Under the suggestion of the Daily Post here on WP followers were asked if there was a book we would read all over again, which one would it be? My answer would probably be The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff. It’s an Eastern Philosophy (Taoist) book that basically says everybody has a personality that matches up with one of the personalities of the characters in Winnie the Pooh. It’s detailed and yet an easy read and can be purchased as a 2-book set along with The Te of Piglet, which uses the Taoist perspective to define the virtues of the cartoon’s series’ smallest character but who also has the most heart.  Here’s the Amazon Link:

Which book of yours would you reread?